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4 Different Uses For GPS

GPS (the acronym for the Global Positioning System) was originally created for military use, but today we all use it in one form or another on a regular basis, whether we are military or civilian. We might use it to find our way or to discover where the nearest restaurant or gas station is, for example. There are some fantastic ways to use GPS these days, and we have put together just a few of them to show you what can be done.


GPS Can Prevent Shark Attacks

Going to the beach is always a treat, but knowing there are potentially sharks swimming in the same stretch of water is something that many people are worried about (even though shark attacks are actually pretty rare). However, to put people’s minds at ease (and to find out more about the creatures), an organization called OCEARCH is tagging the biggest sharks with GPS devices and monitoring them. If any of them come close to the shore, an alarm will go off and the lifeguard will be notified.


GPS Is Used In Geocaching

Geocaching is a fun hobby that anyone with a GPS-enabled cell phone or a special GPS unit can enjoy. Geocachers hide small boxes (or other containers) in secret places, and other cachers have to use GPS to find those hides. They then sign the log within the cache and post their finds online, remembering to place the cache back where it came from so that others can find it. It’s a great hobby because it gets you outdoors and exercising with a goal in mind, and it’s suitable for all ages. There are caching events to take part in, so if you’ve never been involved in this kind of high tech treasure hunt before, joining in with an event can show you all you need to know.


GPS Can Make Things Secure

If something you own is at risk of being stolen, attaching a GPS tracking device to it can ensure that, should the worst happen, you’ll be able to find it again easily. It’s not just for inanimate objects either; you can attach GPS to your dog or cat to ensure that they can be returned to you if they decide to go for a wander and get lost. As a bonus, you can see exactly where they have been, rather than just where they end up, and for a pet owner that can be wonderfully interesting. When it comes to vehicles or other objects, this information can give the police a lot to go on when tracking down the thieves.


GPS Guides Driverless Cars

As well as being the perfect accompaniment for a vehicle from, GPS is also what powers the future. For a long time now, the world has been waiting patiently for driverless cars. Now that dream is becoming a reality (although there is still a long way to go yet to make it completely safe). Driverless cars use GPS technology to guide them, allowing them to navigate any road anywhere without any accidents. The GPS unit can plot the car’s speed, direction, and location and, with the help of a laser mounted on the vehicle’s roof, can help them get to their destination. Right now, however, the cars can go no faster than 25mph.


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