Episode 04: Elon Musk Tweet Us Back!

Happy Belated Valentines Day! The cutest couple of podcasters came together on V Day to sit down for Episode 04 of the Great and Best Podcast in the world! Tune in to listen to the brand new intro created by one of yours truly, we discuss Elon Musk and his amazing successes, the Apple Homepod screwing up peoples’ tables, Andrew OPENLY ADMITS THAT APPLE IS BETTER THAN GOOGLE, kind of, an english Batman anime, a cute prank from a college orchestra and a few Indiegogos! 


Apple Homepod Ruiner!

College Pranks!

Batman Ninja Anime

Wake Me Up Before You Indiegogo!



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Ty Pier

I am the Co Owner/Podcast Producer here at Cerebral Overload. I have been involved in the online media since 2011 and happily get to work with two of my best friends every day. I currently reside in Findlay OH, I have a dog (Emperor Zurg) and a cat (Anastasia Beaverhausen). I am always up to speak to our readers or get down on some Xbox Live (Black Person686). Feel free to give us a shout and check out our podcast!

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