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5 Reasons You Need to Use a High-Quality Nylon Coating for Metal Parts Protection

5 Reasons You Need to Use a High-Quality Nylon Coating for Metal Parts Protection

Creating parts for the aerospace and automotive industry means adding the right protection for sensitive metal parts that come in contact with solutions and chemicals that cause fast corrosion. Nylon coating is one of the most durable materials that provide this needed protective coating.

Ease Concerns of Early Corrosion and Wear

Makers of metal parts for the aerospace and automotive industries have to put great detail into methods that protect these parts from premature aging and wear due to coming in contact with corrosive agents, water, and other chemicals that can otherwise compromise function. Saltwater, water, harsh hydraulic fluids, and acidic compounds can all take a toll on the metal and render parts unusable without adequate protection.

Simple Application

You need a great nylon protective product that allows for paint, spray, or dip application. It ensures that every area of your parts manufacturing line has the ability to use the same high-quality product, no matter what the application process is for each part. It guarantees all parts of your facility are given the same level of attention.

Easy Clean-Up

Imagine how simple the protective process is when you are able to coat the metal and easily clean up the equipment used with a thinner designed for the nylon coating product? It saves frustration and gets the job done faster, with more efficiently.

Reasonable Cure Times

Another benefit of using a high-quality nylon coating product is the fast cure times. By adding increasing amounts of heat, you can enjoy cure times of two-hours or less. You will never feel like the all-important aspect of adding protective coating hangs up the parts line.

Tough Protection for All Types of Metal Parts

Nylon coating works for all types of aluminum, fiberglass, stainless steel, and more. Choosing a quality product from a source like Nycote ensures you get the best protection available and the most convenient application capabilities possible. You can offer metal parts that are well above acceptable standards for wear and durability.

Nylon protective coatings are proven to help extend the life of metal parts subject to contact with highly corrosive elements. Each part will last longer giving your brand an additional competitive edge.

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