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When you record video on your phone, ever notice when you play the video back, it’s just not as good as it was live. Music sounds flat and you just don’t feel immersed into the concert or event like you were. That is because your recording device has only one microphone to to pick up audio from all around. Hooke Audio Verse changes the game in the fact that you can record your video with 3D audio sound and clarity.  Does it work like they claim? Can you really tell a difference in quality from a built-in mic on your smartphone or GoPro? Keep reading to find out. 

Lets start off with how the Hooke Verse work. Instead of the single microphone that is built into your Smartphone/GoPro/DSLR, The Hook Verse fits over your head, just like a basic set of bluetooth headphones. Each ear piece has its own built-in microphone that allows your to record audio as you would naturally hear it. This is called Binaural Audio. That is audio recorded exactly how you would hear it. 

Image via Hooke

As you can see, this picture shows you the difference between recording from your smartphone and recording with the Hooke Verse. The Verse gives you a true 360 degree field of recording. When you combine this with their recording codec in the Hooke app on your Android or iOS device. You record a sound that will amaze you with clarity and trueness to the original. What is great with this system, once you record your video, you can experience the 3D audio with any headphones or audio system that features at least 2.1 surround sound. 

To achieve the best result and get true 3D binaural recoding, Hooke has a recording app that is available for both iOS and Android devices. Recording with this app allows you to make full use of the Hooke Codex and record 3D sound in ranges from 20Hz to 20 kHz. Without this app you will still be able to record audio from you Verse but you won’t get the true 3D sound you are looking for. 

The app itself is easy to use, just download it onto your device, open it up, make sure your Verse are paired to your phone and click record, You can record in either boring 2D sound or 3D. Or you can also switch back and forth between the two to show people what they are missing with 2D or regular recording methods. 

Now to record you have two options. First is while you are recording, you can wear the Hooke Verse like traditional headphones. Second, the box containing the Verse can be folded into a stand that allows you to set your phone in it, plus has holders for the ear pieces. Using this method, you can set your phone down outside to catch nature in all it’s glory. Just imagine, recording the birds chirping in the morning in true 3D sound and being able to play that back anytime and anywhere to relax you. Record the sounds of the ocean with the waves crashing and seagulls making noise. Now you have the peaceful sound to play in your office or cubicle to give you that feeling your are right back at the ocean.

We are going to show you the difference between standard recording on your phone versus recording with the Hooke Verse. The first part of the video, shot with the Hooke Verse, you can see how you can hear the cars moving from right to left, you can also hear the birds around you, and you can hear the fountain on your left. On the second part of the video, shot with just the mic on the camera, you notice no movement of sound from left to right as the cars go past, also there is no definition as to where the sounds are coming from 


Another thing that is nice with the Hooke Verse is that they also double as Bluetooth headphones. They not only record your audio, but also let you listen to it. While you will find that they do not provide massive bass that some of you may be looking for, they do provide a clean and crisp sound that will allow you to enjoy your audio. You can also take hands free calls. 

Now that you have seen and heard how it works, let’s go over what you get. First you have the box that turns into a stand for your phone and Verse. 

Inside the main packaging, you get a welcome card, a case to hold your Verse and your Multiple Ear buds to get a custom fit in your ears.(there is silicone and memory foam tips), Charging Cable, Spare microphone covers, adapter to use the Hooke Verse with your GoPro or DSLR, and of course the Hooke Verse. 

The Verse is available in Black or White and can be purchased from either Hooke Audio or at

While the price tag of $239.99 might put some people off, if you are big into recording video or just want a life-like experience added to your video’s, the Hooke Verse is the way to go.  Also you may look and say well these binaural recording device I found costs less. Just remember those devices probably don’t also let you listen to your recording or music and movies like the Hooke Verse do. 



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