Bringing the noise with the Logitech Z906 review



I know you’re probably thinking, “Why buy $400 speakers?” well I will tell you why. I have had Logitech speakers before, from a standard set of stereo speakers to now the Z906 which is a 5.1 surround set. But some people would say “hey I could get a 7.1 for $400” You’re not wrong. But with the Z906 its a THX certified Dolby Digital system.

The break down is first the THX which is the equipment software seal for a certain standard. Some of the THX specifications are speaker to sub-woofer crossover set to 80hz, low equipment noise, subs are able to properly handle your lower frequency effects. Then you’ve got Dolby Digital which is the bread and butter of this unit. DD gives you improved clarity, greater speration among speakers, and greater overall frequency on all channels.

Now you put these together and you’ve got one of the best surround sound systems I have heard for under $1000. The clarity is off the charts even at high volumes I get no noticeable sub feedback or rattle (well the sub doesn’t rattle my walls however is a different story.) Speaking of sub-woofer the size of this thing is almost an end table. It comes in at 20lbs and its almost a foot squared, which is massive especially compared to my previous 2.1 that had a sub the size of a shoe box (I thought that was good).

More technical on the sub is the woofer is 165w and then on the back you have the inputs which feature these inputs below:

Digital optical input: 2

Digital coaxial input: 1
Six-channel direct input: 1
3.5mm input: 1
RCA input: 1
Control Console via VGA

The speakers that come with this are equally as massive, 4 x 67w mountable speakers (2 lbs each) then one center speaker 67w as well and coming in at 2lbs as well. All the speakers are wall mountable (mounts sold separately) the Z906 also comes with a sweet desktop console that lets you customize all aspects of the system, you can select sub level, rear speakers, and center speakers levels for each individual zone so you have 6 inputs including AUX on the side of the console and you can change the setup from 5.1, 3D 5.1, 4.4, and 2.1. Personally mine never leaves 3D because that’s where you get the best sound in my testing.



The Z906 is great in all categories, I have tested it on movies, TV, and gaming. So far my favorite has been in gaming because when you are walking through a dark forest and someone is behind you if they’re to the rear left you hear it and sweet jebus its terrifying. One other thing that’s great is Logitech gives you more than enough speaker wire for most set ups. If your room is massive you may have to add some wire but in the two rooms its been set up in have not had any issues.

Now time for things that I didn’t like or feel need to be changed, first thing some people will have issue with is price yes at $400 it is the most expensive speakers Logitech has BUT you could always look at the Definitive Technology Pro Cin 800 BK which comes in at $800 double the price and you don’t get a control console or remote for it.

The next two issues are purely with the console, first they took away the LCD touch screen which I would like to see it would make it easier then using a knob to cycle through the options. Last would be the LED’s for the console when I am watching a movie I like to turn my RGB keyboard off and immerse into the movie and it can get distracting with the orange LED’s on but very minor complaints.


My conclusion, using the Logitech Z906 has made me a bit of a sound snob now, I don’t even like my sound bar in my living room anymore. The price is not an issue because retailers do have these on sale a lot I.E. right now they’re $270 on Amazon so $400 might not be the case when you get yours. As for set up once you have the levels set in and the sound where you want it, its nothing but love making for your ears. Go check out Logitech and get a set to up your sound game!   

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