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Wi-Charge Showcases AnyTable™, a Revolutionary Wire-free Charging Solution for Coffee Shops and Other Public Venues, Announces Partnership with Kube Systems

SAN FRANCISCOOct. 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Wi-Charge, provider of long-range wireless power technology that can charge a phone from across the room, is showcasing its new AnyTable™ wire-free charging station at Pepcom’s Holiday Spectacular in San Francisco. The AnyTable charging station combines the popular magnetic induction (“Qi”) charging technology with long-range wireless power by Wi-Charge to deliver phone charging at any table without regard to proximity to power outlets. Additionally, Wi-Charge announced a new partnership with Kube Systems, provider of customized charging solutions for commercial hospitality use, providing a new integrated charging product targeted at the hospitality industry.

Customers hope–indeed increasingly expect–to charge their mobile devices when visiting coffee shops and other public spaces. Newer phones, from all major manufacturers, support magnetic induction (“Qi”) charging, allowing to top off these devices by placing them on a charging pad. But these charging pads are wired, and venues that install them find that they need to be near a power outlet. As a result, only a portion of tables can be made accessible to customers for charging. Customers leave disappointed or sip their drinks while hoping that a wired table becomes free.

“We’ve all been there, fighting battery anxiety by frantically looking for an available outlet,” says Yuval Boger, Chief Marketing Officer at Wi-Charge. “Wi-Charge AnyTable provides a great solution for both customers as well as coffee shops and public spaces. Now that the new phones from Apple, Samsung and Google all support magnetic induction charging, the Wi-Charge solution allows charging these new phones, even away from a power outlet.”

Wi-Charge AnyTableTM
This solution addresses charging challenges by delivering wire-free power to charging pads at any table. AnyTable combines a Qi-pad that charges the phone, a rechargeable battery that powers the pad and the Wi-Charge long-range power receiver that refills the rechargeable battery. It allows today’s phones to be charged by tomorrow’s power delivery technology. Charging is fast and seamless, just like in a wired charging pad. Pads can be embedded into a table or be free-standing on top of it.

Wi-Charge invites manufacturers of Qi charging pads to combine their offering with the Wi-Charge technology to deliver this enhanced service to coffee shops, public spaces and the people that frequent them. To partner with Wi-Charge, visit:

Wi-Charge’s Partnership with Kube Systems
The Kube System “Beam Charging” stations combine charging of mobile devices with a display that can deliver venue promotions and targeted advertising. The charging station can be easily placed on tables and bars and is charged wire-free via Wi-Charge. These free-standing charging stations provide a convenient service for customers while increasing revenue and retention for the proprietors.

“The integrated solution allows all types of hospitality venues to enhance their customer’s experience while generating greater revenue at the same time,” says Garry Ramler, President of Kube Systems. “We are excited to partner with Wi-Charge and bring our joint solutions to market.”

“The sleek design and useful features are a great showcase for what long-range wireless power coupled with magnetic induction charging can do,” adds Mr. Boger. “We are excited to partner with Kube Systems and combine our wireless power and hospitality expertise to deliver a fantastic solution.”

About Wi-Charge
Wi-Charge is the long-range wireless power company, founded with the goal of enabling automatic charging of phones and other smart devices. Our patented infrared wireless power technology can deliver several watts of power to client devices up to 10 meters away. The company developed remote charging solutions that enable mobile and wireless devices to seamlessly recharge themselves without user intervention. For additional information, visit us at or follow us on Twitter @WiChargeLtd.

About Kube Systems
Kube Systems provides unique power solutions for the commercial hospitality industry and understands that charging of mobile technology is the #1 issue for smartphone users worldwide. We design and manufacture to the highest quality standards and continue to innovate by creating the latest in forward-thinking ways to charge devices. With the introduction of The Beam, Kube Systems utilizes its expertise in hospitality to deliver a unique advertising platform that charges devices. For more information, please email

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