Hands On: Logitech G920 Racing Wheel + Shifter

Racing simulators are a passion of a lot of gamers always looking for the edge and advantages over competitors. Well, Logitech has provided a tool for just that. The G920 is combo pack to help any racer. The G920 features a wheel with Xbox One and PC support.

The wheel that Logitech sent our offices also included the shifter which is a $79.99 add-on but needed if you are serious about racing. In the box with just the wheel which goes for $499.99 at you get the wheel, pedals (thankfully include a clutch), power adapter, and manuals. I mention the clutch because you’d be surprised how many are only gas/brake. But aside from that its easy setup simply plug in and go.

Now as for games Logitech does tell you what fully supports it but I found out if it doesn’t you can use it as an unknown wheel but it does block out some features. Some of my favorite features of this wheel is first off comfort, it has a leather hand-stitched wrapped wheel which makes racing or just driving very comfy. Also, the wheel features 900 degrees of turning which is great when you play something like American Truck simulator but when you switch to Forza is snaps right into sport turning like nothing!

The build quality of this is solid even when you are off roading and the wheel duel-motor force feedback is shaking your desk it doesn’t feel like its going to fall apart. My only issue is the pedals do not have enough grip on the bottom. I had to keep pulling the pedals back when testing because if I was to step on any of the pedals to hard it would slide right across my floor. The only way to solve this was for me to put it on top of a rubber mat from the local dollar store.

It also can be hooked up to a racing set up much like the one offered by Playseat which we are still trying to get into the office. So if you are a casual racer or a simulator lover definitely go-to and check out the wheels they have to offer for PC, Xbox, and PS4.

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