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Tips for the Perfect Wilderness Getaway

We all have a deep connection with nature that is hard to ignore. It is why we fill our home with plant life, why cities invest in parks and green spaces, and why outdoor sports are so popular. Living in the city should never divorce you from nature, but it should give you the perfect opportunity to enjoy a wilderness getaway. Enjoy the forest, enjoy the outdoor sports and activities, and follow this guide to make it happen:


Buy or Rent a Cottage  

Unless you are perfectly content with tents, air mattresses, and sleeping bags, chances are you will want to bring a few of the comforts of home by either renting out a cabin or buying a cottage of your very own. Depending on where you look, these cottages can be very affordable – especially if they do not have a waterfront. Alternatively, you could even buy the land and build your cottage from the ground up. Depending on how many amenities you want, this could be as budget-friendly or as extravagant as you want it to be.


Get the Tools You Need

Depending on the structure and amenities at your cottage getaway, you might need:


1.     A Trailer

If you have a lot of equipment to bring up every time, then it is best to invest in any of these ATE trailers. You can then bring up practically anything, from simple camping and outdoors equipment to even bigger machinery like an ATV. Keep it well maintained, and these trailers could last you a lifetime.


2.     Propane Tank

Even if your cottage has a fixed system inside, meaning you have a boiler and a gas oven, it is still well worth getting a few extra propane tanks. They will be necessary if and when you want to barbecue, and can be used as backup in case your cottage’s supply runs out.


3.     Generator 

If your cottage has a fireplace, chances are you will be okay even if the power goes out. For comfort (and safety) however, it is wise to get a backup generator just in case.


Customize it

If you own the cottage, nothing should stop you from making it into your home away from home. Build a great, care-free garden outside. Find the right furniture, decorate it – even landscape it! The only thing that should be holding you back is whatever rules and regulations are in place in the area. There might be a limit to how many trees you can cut down, for example.


Enjoy Your Outdoor Activity

Finally, it is time to enjoy your favorite outdoor activity! Whether you are an experienced hunter, or want to try your hand at fishing, or simply love to go on long hikes with your dog, the joy of having a cottage is that you can do it all. The outdoors is yours for the enjoyment, but do remember to respect the wildlife.


Enjoying time away from the city and instead of escaping to the wilderness is a great way to calm down, relax, and boost your wellness. It doesn’t matter what your cottage getaway looks like, either, so long as you enjoy yourself and the peace and quiet of the outdoors.

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