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Chicago – 12/12/2018, For the second year in a row, BUSINESS FRANCE, the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, will be hosting a French Automotive Pavilion devoted to future vehicle technologies at the CES in Las Vegas on January 8-11, 2019.

Ten firms from the connected and autonomous vehicle fields will exhibit at Central Plaza (LVCC Central Plaza – Pavilion CP-4). These innovative companies listed below will have their own exhibition space, together with the opportunity to take part in meetings with some of the industry’s key decision makers.

Is CES Las Vegas becoming an automotive show?  The signs are clear: more and more automakers unveil their latest technologies during the event. For the first time in October, CES Unveiled Paris ran alongside the Paris Motor Show, bringing together the world’s largest tech display at the leading motor event. “The CES will showcase technologies that make cars safer and drivers more connected. It is now one of the world’s most important automotive fairs. In 2019, we are expecting more than 150 exhibitors from the automotive industry” announced Karen Chupka, the CTA’s Executive Vice President for the CES. She also declared that 55 French companies were chosen to receive Innovation Awards at CES 2019. Among them, GEOFLEX, competing in the vehicle intelligence and self-driving category, will exhibit at the Business France Automotive Pavilion.

At a time when carmakers divest from traditional fairs and focus on events revolving around new technologies, the CES has become a crucial show for the sector,” explains Matthieu Lefort, Director of Business France’s Industry & Cleantech Department. “Connected and autonomous vehicles are a central theme in Las Vegas, something that became clear last year when we launched the first French Pavilion devoted to the Automotive Industry. This year, we expand from 7 to 10 exhibiting companies, ensuring them a great deal of exposure in a larger Pavilion. This presence in Las Vegas tops off the overall support offered by Business France via Ubimobility. This unique immersion program takes the most promising startups in the mobility sector into the heart of two leading US cities in the field of autonomous vehicle technologies: Detroit and San Francisco.”

Being the only foreign Pavilion devoted to connected and autonomous vehicles, it will be an essential visit point for all industry stakeholders interested in autonomous shuttles, geolocation technologies, cyber security, V2X, AI, and more.


A networking event specially designed for journalists will take place on January 9th, 2019 from 6 pm to 8 pm.

Register here.


This initiative is supported by Bolloré Logistics together with innovation clusters such as Systematic and Mov’eo via their ADAS Group. In addition, 26 French Tech startups will also showcase their technology on Business France’s Pavilion at Eureka Park. Another opportunity to discover what la French Tech has to offer !


LVCC Central Plaza – French Automotive Pavilion CP-4


BENOMAD is a leading mapping and navigation software editor since 2002. It will present ev-Move, a services platform to accelerate electric vehicle adoption and to facilitate the transition to a zero-emission professional mobility. It reduces the main EV drivers’ fears, autonomy and charging thanks to innovative functions: multi-charge route optimization and range zone display. The algorithms analyze the energy consumption for a journey considering various parameters such as vehicle profile, road topography, weather conditions, driver profile, e-horizon. Also available as a mobile application, APIs and webservices, ev-Move is a source of value added electromobility services for OEMs, OES, charging service operators and telematics service suppliers.



GEOFLEX is the operator of new Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS: GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU) augmentation services based on the PPP-CNES technology (Precise Point Positioning), being Efficient, Safe and Universal.
GEOFLEX enables an absolute positioning up to 1,5 inch, ensuring real time high accuracy, integrity and continuity of operation worldwide. With a single receiver, without any nearby GNSS permanent station, it applies to continents, oceans, and for altitudes under 15 500 miles.


GROUPEMENT ADAS is made up of 12 high-technology SMEs that address road safety challenges and driving comfort needs, bringing electronic and digital innovation into vehicles.

Providing multidisciplinary expertise and interoperable cutting-edge technologies, their customers get support in creating and integrating new ADAS solutions in their specific environment.



 IDNOMIC is the European leading provider of trust services for the protection of digital identities. The Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) have new challenges: secure and establish trust in the exchanges between vehicles and roads infrastructure while preserving the users’ privacy.

IDnomic meets these challenges thanks to its C-ITS PKI (Public Key Infrastructure). Compliant with European and US standards (ETSI, IEEE 1609.2), IDnomic’s PKI enables public and private organizations to deploy less contaminating and more secure C-ITS.


MILLA GROUP and its subsidiaries ISFM & OBH provide global solutions for new mobility.

They develop an open, rolling platform « Mobility Open POD™ » allowing the integration and evaluation of sensors, connectivity systems, AI algorithms (…) and enabling the capture of all driving data types.
MILLA Group develops and markets an autonomous electric POD, « Mobility POD™  ».
It quickly became the privileged partner of public and private organizations wishing to implement an adapted, efficient and sustainable mobility solution.


PROVE & RUN was created with the idea that large-scale deployments of connected objects is an attractive target for remote cyberattacks and that the solutions used in the mobile industry are not sufficient to answer to the challenge. When designing connected cars, security engineers can in effect rely on three pillars:
1-  Secure Elements or HSMs,
2- Trusted Execution Environments or secure OSs,
3-  Hardware- or software-based hypervisors.
In order to resist sophisticated remote attacks, the two latter criteria need to be formally proven: be as close to zero-bugs as possible and highly resistant against hackers. ProvenCore, an ultra-secure OS, and ProvenVisor, a next generation secure hypervisor can tackle these challenges and protect cars from hackers with multi-million-dollar budgets.



TRUSTINSOFT is an international software publisher, based in Paris and San Francisco since 2013. It provides an advanced static C &C++ source code analyzer tool, based on mathematical methods, that formally verifies software. TrustInSoft is the only software publisher providing analyses solutions that allows customers to have software security and code reliability guarantees, without having to change the development process. TrustInSoft markets source code analysis tools, and services, that provide strong mathematical guarantees on its customers’ software. Its offerings are deployed at developers and integrators of software components from the aerospace, railway, military, nuclear, telecom and space industries.”


VFP INK TECHNOLOGIES VFP is a leading player on the European market and distributes its entire range of products worldwide. Its core activity is to design and manufacture high-tech industrial inks and varnishes. Their unique technology in the printed electronics industry provides innovative products for several fields including for automotive manufacturers. Their offer grants key advantages for game changing companies in the future of mobility. Being at the cutting edge of technology, their R&D department develops new tailor-made solutions and the team is also involved in collaborative projects to develop new processes for in-mold electronic devices fabrication.






WEEN.AI Winner of the 2016 and 2018 CES innovation awards for its predictive intelligence for smart home systems, Ween.ai is returning this year to CES 2019 to showcase its solutions designed for mobility companies.

Our Artificial Intelligence autonomously manages a large variety of applications and is made for:

-Automotive manufacturers and suppliers who wish to offer customers new services relying on predictive analytics, for example:  car pre-heating, battery charge optimization or the configuration of passenger’s preferences prior to his arrival at the vehicle.  

-Mobility operators looking to optimize their fleet management, to predict their customers’ requests and to anticipate requests for car sharing.

– Infrastructure management companies leveraging AI to optimize parking, to adjust public transportation solutions or to better balance Smart Grids.


YoGoKo unveils Y-AUTOMOM, the next generation of communication solutions for the connected, cooperative and autonomous vehicle.

YoGoKo is an industry-leading communication solutions provider for the connected, cooperative & autonomous vehicle (CCAV). For new & legacy autonomous vehicle manufacturers and their integrators, YoGoKo unveils Y-AUTONOM, a new portfolio of communication solutions specifically designed to optimize and secure all external communications of the vehicle: traffic safety, cooperative ADAS, position & map update, fleet management, teleoperation, platooning… Y-AUTONOM solutions are based on Y-SMART, our unified communication & data management software platform. Y-SMART combines hybrid access technologies (ITS-G5/DSRC, 5G cellular…) and advanced capabilities to achieve extended cloud connectivity, localized cooperation (V2X), a security for data and communications and a precise positioning.


Other innovative French companies in the automotive sector exhibiting at CES this year:


ARKAMYSCentral Plaza CP-36

A leader in audio signal processing, ARKAMYS creates innovative software solutions for the automotive.

ARKAMYS is recognized for its expertise in 3D sound and audio rendering. The company develops innovative and immensely precise solutions to optimize audio quality and spatialization in car cabins.

ARKAMYS employs more than 70 people and has multidisciplinary offices in France, Germany, China, Japan, Korea and in the USA to be closer to its customers.

ARKAMYS audio software solutions are integrated into 50 million vehicles and 35 million mobile devices worldwide. ARKAMYS is embedded in the world’s largest car manufacturers’ vehicles, Renault-Nissan, and those of the second European, PSA. ARKAMYS solutions equip 1 out of 2 vehicles of general manufacturers in Europe and continues to expand in Asia by working with manufacturers such as Chery, Dongfeng, GAC, HKM, NIO and SAIC Motor.


CARFIT, Eureka Park Stand #50615

The company leverages car vibrations to offer predictive maintenance solutions for cars in circulation with an aftermarket device and future cars with a native integration into parts and new car platforms. CARFIT is the first company to develop an AI based technology to apply NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) analysis by combining Time series data science and edge Machine Learning applied to the automotive industry. CARFIT is deploying its sensor on the aftermarket through car retailers, and mobility services to bring an extra safety layer with a predictive maintenance solution as well as offering extra services using contextual triggering during the car lifecycle. CARFIT is also working with Tier 1 and OEMs on natively integrating its software to offer new predictive maintenance solutions without plugging additional devices.


SUPERDRIVE BY DRUST, Eureka Park Sands #50475 #2019CESInnovationAward

Paris-Based Auto-Tech company, DRUST, designs, develops, and markets software and artificial intelligence solutions to help auto manufacturers, insurance companies and smart cities transform drivers into “Superdrivers.” A new solution that enhances the value of data from connected vehicles by analyzing the intersection of human, mechanical, and contextual factors, Superdrive makes it possible to predict events likely to cause accidents. By using Al cloud software, their technology is designed to help drivers steer clear of road hazards before they even occur. DRUST intends to become a catalyst for behavioral change to improve the number of accidents on the roads around the world.


WATTPARKEureka Park Sands #50463

All In Factory (AIF) is an industrial company specialized in R&D. In 2018, it launched WattPArk, the first charging point for all electrical vehicles (cars, scooters & bikes) that can be booked, shared and therefore monetized. WattPArk is a world premiere, patented, collaborative charging station managed through an application that allows a customer to easily book the charging point and handle access to charge and parking. WattPark works everywhere, even in no-service zones such as underground parking. After the customer has scheduled his charging stop using the application, he will receive GPS coordinates as well as an encrypted code in his mobile device. When he reaches the charging point, it will connect automatically to his phone via Bluetooth, enabling the charge to start without having to enter a code on a keyboard or use a card.


POWERUPSands Expo Hall G CEA Tech Village #51253

Charging Li-ion batteries so that they last is a challenge for the operators of fleets of battery-powered equipment such as electric bicycles, drones, and signage. The company’s smart chargers determine the optimal charge conditions according to battery temperature, charge status, and level of degradation. It leverages seven patents obtained over several years of research on battery degradation mechanisms at Liten. Tests have shown that efficient management can lengthen a battery’s lifespan by anywhere from 50% to 150%, depending on the usage, that’s double on average! Equipment fleet managers can also benefit from PowerUp’s supervision module, which centralizes the data from all chargers, facilitating predictive battery maintenance, a more efficient and less expensive alternative to the systematic periodic replacement of batteries. PowerUp is currently working on the commercialization of its solutions towards important storage systems users as ENEDIS, which operates France’s national electricity grid, and SNCF, which operates France’s national rail network.


Key figures for autonomous vehicles in France: 54 experimental trials on public roads have been approved since 2014, including: 26private-vehicle trials, 15 shuttle trials and 13 robot-taxi trials.


All the information up-to-date on our website: https://events-export.businessfrance.fr/automotiveCES/

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