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Hands on: Google Pixel 3 Fabric Case

After purchasing my Pixel 3, I needed a case to protect it and decided to go with the fabric case made by Google. It’s a light-weight one-piece construction with all the proper cutouts for the camera and fingerprint sensor.

Let’s move on to how it fits on the Pixel 3. After all, that’s what you really want to know, right?

As I was about to pop the phone in the case, I saw the inside of the case has a soft felt lining. I assume this is to aid in keeping the phone from getting scratched while in the case. I think this is a nice touch! Once applied the phone felt snug in the case. The volume rocker and power button have a nice feel to them as well. The fabric texture of the case makes the Pixel 3 look great!

I have a couple of grumbles with the case after using it for a few weeks. I wish the sides of the case would come up over the screen to provide a lip so if you do have your phone face down on a desk its not resting on the screen. While the fabric is a nice touch, it doesn’t provide much in the way of grip and has caused the Pixel 3 to almost slide of out my hands on a number of occasions. But those two issues aside, I do think this is a good case choice for those who are searching for a minimal case.

The case comes in four different colors (Carbon, Indigo, Fog and Pink Moon) and can be purchased from the Google store for $40.00 USD.

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