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How to Get Secure Data to Your Remote Employee

Taking on some remote employees is a great way to expand your staffing when office space is getting filled up fast. It avoids an expensive and distracting office relocation when you work with people from anywhere in the world. Companies can save money on local salaries and reduce the cost of each employee with the reduction in operating costs too.

However, being worried about the safety of uploading important files to the cloud that remote employees require might give you pause. With all the risks of data theft, the theft of intellectual property and worse, maybe you’re not comfortable with using cloud storage at all? In which case, you might want to consider preloaded flash drives as a way to get data safely to your remote employees?

Preloaded Flash Drives: What Are They?

Flash drives are small, light, and highly convenient. They’re also a great option to package up the files that a new remote worker will require and make them available securely.

Visit this site to take a look at the benefits of preloaded flash drives. There are many benefits that should convince you to use preloaded drives to fulfill a data duplication and distribution role to remote workers.

Top companies have the capability to prepare almost 200 flash drives at the same time. The size of each flash drive is virtually unlimited with the maximum capacity now an impressive 512 Gb’s per drive. Your company is unlikely to need anything like as much individual storage as that, but it’s good to know it’s possible.

Preloaded Flash Drives: How Do You Use Them?

Pre-loaded flash drive suppliers provide FTP access to their server where you can upload the files that are to be copied onto the secure flash drive. Any FTP software package can provide this file transfer protocol required to set up the transfer. The FTP technology is just another communication protocol over the internet – like email is separate to a website – and has been in existence for decades now.

Not only can FTP software be used, but there are also extensions or add-ons for your web browser that offer FTP capabilities in case you’re weary of downloading a separate FTP package for security reasons.

Once the company has received your uploaded batch of files and an order has been placed for the number of flash drives to generate, they can get to work producing them quickly for you. Once ready, they can be dispatched to each remote worker at their individual address.

Preloaded Flash Drives: Are They Secure?

Firstly, the content loaded to the flash drive can be set to be non-erasable. This way, remote workers cannot accidentally delete files by mistake.

Secondly, the LogicDrives feature is a separate option allowing you to continue to manage the files stored on each USB flash drive, even after it’s been posted out. This is an advanced feature which is useful when forms and other documents are regularly updated that otherwise would present a real headache.

Thirdly, every USB flash drive can be supplied with a password to prevent access to the contents by the wrong person should they intercept the delivery. The data is stored on an encrypted drive, which is only decrypted when the correct password is entered once the flash drive has been plugged into the USB port. This prevents illicit access to company files by a third-party.

If you’re someone who’s either very security conscious or just worried about the safety of online data in a world of data breaches, then using encrypted USB flash drives makes sense. Not having to worry about the release of confidential employee files is one step closer to having total control over the company’s intellectual property.

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