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4 Features Serious Gamers Seek in Cross-Platform Mobile Multiplayer Games

There’s no doubt about it, the gaming industry has enjoyed great advancements during the past two decades. From rich graphics to collaboration with players from all over the globe, gamers experience gaming in a completely different way than those of us who started out with an Atari or Nintendo. When it comes to cross-platform mobile multiplayer games, there are numerous features that serious gamers look for. Many of today’s gamers prefer games with 2019 Xbox Live Integration capabilities as well as video chat experiences. These advancements enrich the gaming experience like never before.

2019 Xbox Live Integration

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With Xbox Live Integration, game developers can integrate Xbox Live into everything from players’ achievements and friends lists to multiplayer games by using the new XDK. This creates a massive engaged gaming community that allows players to easily unlock an array of social and engagement features.

Even better, Xbox Live is now compatible with more than 2B devices thanks to the new cross-platform XDK. Ultimately, it means that players can play with one another regardless of the device they are using. Whether you’re using a Switch, Android, Windows PC, or iOS device, you can play with players who aren’t using the same device as you.

In-App Purchases

Another feature to look for in cross-platform mobile multiplayer games is in-app purchase capability. With this feature, you can easily customize your characters and experience the games on a more personable level. Plus, since you can purchase upgrades via the game app, this allows you to sync your purchase method with a debit card or PayPal account already added to your phone. This creates the ultimate experience in terms of buying upgrades for games without having to dig through your wallet or purse every time for a debit or credit card.

Rich Graphics

As a serious gamer, you’ll want to look for games that feature rich graphics. In fact, once you play a game with rich graphics, you won’t want to go back to playing games that don’t have them. YouTube is an excellent source that can help you look at the graphics of different mobile multiplayer games.

Video Chat 

A lot of today’s games don’t have video chat capabilities. Why don’t they? Because it’s a huge accomplishment for developers to add this type of feature. Fortunately, though, there are several games that do have a video chat feature. Video chat in multiplayer games is especially beneficial because you can talk with people you are playing with. If you are building a game and want to include video chat, you can check out this article on the prerequisites that you will need.

Gaming has changed so much from what is was even 10 years ago. We have gone from playing on actual game consoles to being able to play on mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets. Use our guide above to help you on your journey of finding cross-platform mobile multiplayer games that are designed specifically for some of today’s most serious gamers.

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