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Manage An Active Lifestyle with Get™, the High-Tech, Bone-Conduction Bracelet from Deed

Turin, Italy – Building upon the latest innovations in wearables technology, Get™ is the sleek bone conduction wearable bracelet that bridges smartphones, payment technology and the human body seamlessly. Launching today on Kickstarter, Get™ aims to improve the user experience with wearable technology and make life smarter and more convenient.


Configured with gesture recognition and a microphone with vocal interface, the user is in total control with Get™. No screens of any kind are necessary. Understanding the addictions people have to their screened devices, Get™ allows the user to look up, experience the world, and not miss a beat when it comes to the connectivity they expect.


“While completing my thesis, I became increasingly dissatisfied with existing smartwatches and other wearable technology,” said Edoardo Parini, creator of Get™. “We expand on existing wearables by using the latest in bone conduction technology and gesture recognition to provide connectivity and control without the need for a screen.”


Providing an experience that is unparalleled, Get™ uses bone conduction technology and a microphone to allow the wearer to bring their finger to their ear and use their voice to make calls and listen to text messages, notifications and emails. By detecting sound waves and transmitting them through vibrations received directly by the ear’s cochlea, Get™ provides total privacy as users go about their business.


Understanding the popularity of fitness trackers, Get™ monitors biometric markers including caloric expenditure and sleep to help the wearer live and perform at their very best. Information is power, and Get™ uses the information it collects to help the wearer live a healthier life.


Secure, contactless payment is effortless with Get™. Combining NFC Technology and the wearer’s biometric fingerprint for authorization, it’s easier than ever to pay for goods on the go without even bringing a wallet. For additional security, all credit card information is locked whenever the bracelet isn’t worn.


Innovation is at the heart of the Get™ experience. Without a touchscreen or buttons, Get™ uses gesture recognition to interpret each wearer’s instructions. Switch songs, adjust the volume and access and control specific mobile apps with ease.


Charging Get™ is effortless, too. Simply place it on the wireless dock and in an hour it’s fully charged and ready for use. Each charge lasts up to five days, so users don’t have to go without


their Get™ for long. Get™ is waterproof up to 10m and made with high-tech fabrics. Starting at

$124 for the earliest backers, Get™ is available to pre-order at


About Deed

Deed creates products optimized for the way we live. From active lifestyles to card-free, secure payments, Deed aims to make life more convenient. Created by twin brothers Emiliano and Edoardo Parini, Deed is a family business and aims to create products all tech savvy families will want to use. Get™, its flagship product, is the ultimate smartbridge device connecting mobile phones, biometrics, payment and entertainment in one device that’s built to last. For more information, visit

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