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Organizing That Unruly Paperwork

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Paperwork can quickly become a mess if left unorganized on your desk. Even just a few papers can become a massive burden. Despite that, this article will provide suggestions about organization methods that can make it easier to manage paperwork. Many people prefer the feel of real paper, so the methods discussed here will focus primarily on how to keep paper organized, but there will also be recommendations for technological replacements for paper. Regardless of the method that you choose, this article will provide several options for your paper organization needs.

If all your paperwork or paper clutter is related to a few selected topics, consider getting bound. It isn’t a great idea to bind unrelated papers together; however, only use this method if the papers are directly related. There are several sites and services that offer a plethora of paper binding supplies, such as Binding 101. By binding together your work, you can place it in a drawer or on a shelf which will reduce clutter. Sites like Binding 101 have binding rings, binding coils, covered binders, lamination supplies, and so much more. Because of this, you cannot only bind your paperwork, but you can also bind it in a manner that matches your organizational style. If you are in the market for a paper replacement, however, there are some recommendations.

A Kindle or similar form of an e-reader is a great replacement for paperwork and forms. New Kindles are also waterproof and relatively inexpensive, making them a fantastic replacement. One of the major downsides of paper is its weakness to water, as a single spilled cup of coffee can ruin months of work or important forms. Instead of leaving paper files out, you can also consider scanning them. That way, your files can be stored on your computer instead of out in the open. Despite these great options, there are other organizational methods to be used.

When organizing papers, a document tray can work wonders. This way, you can keep various topics separated and color-coded. This method also allows you to keep the papers off the desk, making them safer from spills or other damage. If the document tray method is a bit too much, there are smaller cabinets or drawers that can be placed on the desk. These have variable amounts of trays that can be used to separate papers from different categories. Finally, paper boxes can add a pop of color and a chic style to your workspace, while also helping to organize your paperwork.

Office furniture is another method to consider when organizing. A sturdy file cabinet with labeled folders can keep papers organized and separated, while still easy to access. Unfortunately, not all offices or workspaces have room for a hefty filing cabinet. Thus, there are single file units that have a smaller footprint but still provide the organizational boost. For truly small spaces, consider a hanging organizer. These take up no space on the floor and have a slimmer profile than a proper rack. Even fully packed, a hanging paper organizer sticks out a few inches from the wall.

Workspaces aren’t the only place in your life that may be in need of paper organization. Car papers, such as registration, insurance information, and user’s manuals are often shoved haphazardly into the glove box. This can prove to be annoying or even hazardous, especially in the event of a car accident or being pulled over. A glove box binder or folder can simplify the space and make all the important information easier to access. Most of these binders are rugged and water-resistant as well. To double your car’s storage space, consider an over-seat organizer if needed. This can be a valuable place to store important paperwork or entertainment for passengers.

Overall, paper organization can be a daunting task, but it is critical. As mentioned, a spilled drink or meal can ruin work if it is left out in a messy pile. Unorganized piles of papers also make it difficult to find what you need, when you need it. Thus, consider binding your work into one or several different books of related topics. If you need to store loose-leaf papers, there are tons of products on the market depending on your needs. Finally, if you don’t prefer the physicality of paper, you can digitalize everything.

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