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7 Must Needed Essentials To Host An Awesome House Party


If you have a house warming party coming up or news breaking family for the party at your house, I am sure you must be pretty stressed.

Having guests at home is mostly stressful because you have to check up on each and everything from cleaning the house to food, drinks, and whatnot.

Yes, it comes with a lot of things to do but its definitely not impossible. You just need to know about a few things that have to be in line and with this you will have an awesome house party with ease.

1. Finger food means fewer dishes
As most people would agree, food is something that has to be right in parties otherwise it just puts on a bad impression.

Serving good food also doesn’t mean you have to make seven or eight-course meal for people. That is more suitable for a sit-down dinner if you wish to have one.

For a more casual house party, the finger food is extremely essential considering its easy to pick up and eat.

It will be easy to clean stuff the next morning for you and you can enjoy the party without worrying about spillage or people breaking plates.

What you serve, veg or non-veg, whichever cuisine depends on your guests. Bottom line is served food that can be easily eaten.

2. Plastic cups are lifesavers
If you see someone holding red cups at a get-together, you know that it’s a party. Red cups have become a signature at parties, not because they look great in hand but because they are convenient.

You would have only a limited number of glasses at home and if you are inviting more people you need plastic cups.

The convenience of managing these cups is what makes them extremely essential. They are easy to clean and pick up and come cheap too.

Moreover, if someone gets drunk, they won’t be breaking your glasses for sure. You can start a cool thing as well by having everyone write their names on their cups. They are perfect for party games like beer pong as well. It is a win-win situation where you reap all the benefits.

3. Bluetooth speakers to groove
What’s a party without music?

Well, it’s a dull party for sure.

You can’t have a house party with an improper sound system. A Bluetooth speaker is the bare minimum that you will need to have so that your guests can dance and there will be a certain energy in your house party.

You can even prepare a playlist beforehand if you want to. You know your guests better and what kind of music they would like.

This way you can make them groove to what they love. Most of us have Bluetooth speakers nowadays because they come in some many varieties and are pretty affordable as well.

If you don’t own one and have a small house party to plan, buy one immediately. You can check up and get help through buying guides on which ones will suit your requirement the best. Make sure you check the sound quality above all because that is a top priority.

4. Disposable cameras capture memories
Being the host of the party, it’s difficult to keep a check with everyone during the party. You will always find yourself talking to someone or some problem arising.

This way you might miss a lot of moments, but not when you have disposable cameras. Throw away cameras aren’t just a great option because you can look at the pictures later on but for your guests as well.

Not everyone wants to be on their phone during the party for clicking pictures. If you have cameras around, anyone can take pictures without worrying. You can even send these pictures as gifts to whoever came to your house party.

5. A ton of ice coolers
Whether its summer or not, house parties or any party without ice is a fail.

The ice that you keep in your freezer won’t be enough because it will go out quickly. You won’t even know before it’s done and over.

If its summertime then it becomes an even bigger problem because everything will become warm quicker can you can say ice.

Have ice coolers around the room where people would be sitting or around the drinks area. This way they can easily get cold themselves without you having to worry about it.

The ice will be in coolers so none of it will melt away easily too. Having something as simple as an ice cooler will literally save your life.

6. Extra furniture
Unless you have a huge house, which most people don’t, there are definite chances that you will be needing extra furniture for the house party.

Most of us keep a few extra chairs but that itself is not sufficient.

So, you will have to borrow some from the neighbors or get some new furniture that is portable and if you are ready to invest. Buying would make sense if you have such parties often.

It’s good to have seating space for at least 75% of the guests because not everyone would be sitting at the same time. So, you can manage this way. Borrowing some extra furniture would be good if they’re only a few people coming over.

7. Cleaning supplies
It’s quite common at parties that when drinks spill or someone drops something on your table runner.

If you don’t want a stain staying there, make sure you have cleaning supplies at hand. They will make the job easier for you at that moment and you won’t be worrying later on or your guests, for a matter of fact.

Cleaning supplies are on the list also because you will be cleaning up your entire house the next day and you wouldn’t want to visit the store amidst all that. It’s better to have them with you already so it’s easy.

Wrap up
Throwing an awesome house party is a mixture of a lot of things. Just pay attention to details around the house and to the requirements of your guests.

Making a checklist of things you would need will definitely help you a lot.

It’s not something you have to stress about, just start planning in advance so that you have everything done on time.

This way, your awesome house party will be a sure shot.

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