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Comprehensive Overview of Oracle 1Z0-808 Certification Exam

Earning a Java certification is a great way to build a career in the world of IT. As a fact, the certificate is highly regarded by the employers and recruiters in the industry. There are different levels of credentialsoffered under the Oracle certification path, and Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) is one of them. The professionals with OCA can easily grow their career as Java developers. This certificate opens many doors to better job opportunities, great salary potentials, or a good salary raise and great bonus at your current job. This is why many Java developers aim to earn this certification. Note that the individuals with this credential can pursue the more advanced Oracle certificate – Oracle Certified Professional (OCP). However, to earn it, the students should pass the relevant exam but itis not so easy. The candidates must be ready to develop competence in the content to be able to pass the test.

The target audience for the Java SE 8 Programmer I (Oracle 1Z0-808) exam should have some level of technical experience and the desire to improve it. It is also intended for those IT specialistswho are new to Java and object-orientated programming Click to Download Online Free.

Highlight of Oracle 1Z0-808 Exam

The Oracle 1Z0-808 test is made up of 70 multiple-choice questions and the time for the completion is 150 minutes. To pass the exam, the individuals are expected to score a minimum of 65% of the total test. When you are ready to take the exam, you can schedule and pay the fee of $245 directly to Oracle. Alternatively, you can schedule your certification test through Pearson VUE, an external exam provider for Oracle. It is important that you study the content prior to your exam date so that you can increase your chance of success. As mentioned earlier, Oracle 1Z0-808 is not a walk in the park, which means you must prepare adequately for it. There are various platforms that you can access to help you with your study. Examsnap is among top websites that offers up-to-date resource materials that you can use. You might want to explore this site to check out the various materials available. The best resources you can access on the platform include training courses, practice tests, exam simulator, and braindumps. Examsnap has a lot to offer, and it guarantees your success in the actual test.

Overview of Oracle 1Z0-808 Exam Objectives

The certification test requires that the candidates develop skills and knowledge in specific technical areas. For the 1Z0-808 exam, the applicants are expected to cover the following content areas:

  • Java Basics

This includes defining the scope of various variables; defining structure of Java class; creating implementable Java application with main method such as running Java program from command line, and producing console output. The students should also learn how to import Java packages with the aim of making them accessible in their code. Additionally, they must understand how to compare and contrast components and features of Java, including object orientation, platform independence, and encapsulation.

  • Using Operators & Decision Constructs

The exam candidates must develop competence in the use of Java operators and parentheses to dominate operator precedence. They also need to learn how to test equality between the Strings and the other objects utilizing == as well as equals (). Additionally, they must know how to use the switch statement.

  • Utilizing Loop Constructs

Under this topic, the individuals should learn the process involved in creating and using while loops; making do/while loops; using break & continue; and comparing loop constructs.

  • Functioning with Inheritance

The test takers must understand how to explain inheritance and its benefits; create code that uses polymorphism, develop code that overrules methods, and distinguish between type of object and type of reference. The candidates should also learn how to decide when casting is required; utilize abstract interfaces and classes.

  • Functioning with Some Selected Classes from Java API

The students should be able to manipulate data with the use of String Builder class and methods. They also must learn how to create and manipulate the Strings, the calendar data with the use of classes across control. The abilities to write uncomplicated the Lambda expression that can consume the Lambda Predicate expression, and to use and declare Array List of given type are also important.

In addition to this, they must be able to assume the following:

  • Missing package & import statements
  • Unintentional line breaks
  • Descriptive comments
  • Code fragments


  • Working with Java Data Types

Under this topic, the candidates should be able to state and initialize different variables, including the casting of primitive types of data; distinguish between primitive variables and object reference variables; understand how to write or read object fields; develop the code that utilizes wrapper classes like Double, Integer, and Boolean; and describe an Object’s Lifecycle.

  • Developing and Utilizing Arrays

Here,the examinees must learn how to state, instantiate, initialize & utilize one-dimensional array, as well as multi-dimensional arrays.

  • Functioning with Encapsulation and Methods

This topic covers the creation methods with return values and arguments, such as overload methods; application of static keyword to fields and methods; creation and overload of constructors; application of access modifiers; and establishment of the effect on primitive values and object references when passed into the methods that alter the values.

  • Handling Exceptions

This topic covers skill areas such as differentiating errors, unchecked and checked exceptions. It also covers creating a try-catch block and determining how exceptions change a standard program flow; explaining the benefits of Exception Handling; creating and invoking method that throws exception; and recognizing general exception classes. They include ClassCastException, NullPointerException,ArrayIndexOutofBoudsException, and ArthmeticException.


Upon completion of the Oracle 1Z0-808 exam, you don’t have to wait for long to access your result. Within 30 minutes of completion, you will get a notification email from Oracle informing you of the availability of your result in CertView. Simply log into your CertView account if you have already authenticated your account and get your result in the ‘See My New Exam Result Now’ tab. In case you haven’t authenticated your account, you will be required to do so before you can view your result.

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