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5 Gadgets to Help Kids With ADHD Focus


Children with ADHD often have problems focusing, which leads to them having problems in school. Some kids with ADHD struggle to get and maintain good grades, while others consistently find themselves in trouble for acting out. Regardless of how ADHD manifests in your child, there are things you can do and gadgets you can use to help your child stay focused.


ADHD fatigue is often a problem for kids. Children with ADHD expend a lot of energy quickly, which then causes them to be extremely tired for the rest of the day. Parents who choose to medicate their children don’t face this problem as much because the medication helps regulate the child’s behavior and helps ensure large spurts of energy aren’t used all at once. However, if you’ve read articles explaining why you need to quit Adderall and other prescription ADHD medications, you may have decided not to medicate your child. That’s where the HumanCharger comes in.


The device works by shining light into the child’s ears so it’s received by parts of the brain that are photosensitive. This results in a mood boost and an increase in mental energy that helps your child get through the school day.

Fidget Devices

When children with ADHD have something they can fidget with while they learn, it often helps keep them focused. That’s why it’s common for kids with ADHD to chew on pen caps, pencils, fingernails, and even shirt sleeves. Unfortunately, the popularity of Fidget Spinners in the past prompted a lot of schools to ban the gadgets completely. But there are other types of fidget devices available.


Consider purchasing chewable pencil toppers, jewelry, and other items for your child to satisfy this need. Chewelry has necklaces and bracelets children can chew on while they do their schoolwork. Chew Stixx is another good option. Regardless, makes sure the gadget you choose is safe for your child to chew on and won’t disrupt their classmates.

Just Kids Smartphone

The Just Kids smartphone is a phone designed especially for kids. It has smart filters parents can use to track and monitor where their children are and what they’re doing on their phones. You can download kid-friendly, educational games to the device to help your child learn more about topics he or she struggles with.

Perplexus Rookie

Perplexus Rookie is a 3D maze game for preschool and kindergarten-age children that teaches them how to plan ahead and how their actions affect those around them. These are both skills that children with ADHD struggle to grasp completely because it is hard for them to stay focused and concentrate on one thing for an extended period of time.

Kindle Fire with Immersion Reading

A lot of children with ADHD struggle to maintain focus while reading. Often, they don’t read linearly so it’s hard for them to comprehend what they read the first time around. Instead, they have to read the same thing over and over again until it actually sinks in.


That’s why the Kindle Fire with Immersion Reading is a great learning tool for children with ADHD. The Immersion Reading features combine digital books with audio files so as your child reads, the book is narrated to him or her. As the story progresses, the words being read are highlighted along the way to help your child stay focused on the right words.


Ultimately, children with ADHD are smart. They just learn in a different way than other children do. So by using some advanced gadgets and learning methods with your child, it will help him or her stay focused and get and maintain good grades.

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