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Whistle Blowing and Ethical Decisions

A whistleblower is mistakenly considered a snitch in the office. However, the decision to act in an ethical way is often regarded as the correct action. Many fraud cases in the workplace are uncovered by those considered to be whistleblowers. Companies would have a hard time continuing if whistleblowers did not exist. They serve a special purpose when it comes to resolving ethical issues. If an employee sees something unethical, they may question whether or not to come forward with the information. They might be afraid of repercussions. They might be afraid of losing their jobs if they come forward with something they know to be unethical. They might wonder what their co-workers will think of them.

What should a person do if they see something unethical in the workplace? The decision to come forward or “blow the whistle” is not an easy choice. It may involve legal counsel. Firms such as assist those who are involved with the legal conundrum of whistleblowing. They are advocates of those who choose the moral and ethical way. Law firms are there to ensure whistleblowers are aware the law is on their side. They want to help those who choose to take the ethical route. Whistleblowers may be met with fear and intimidation, but as long as they have a reputable and strong defense, there is no need to succumb to any threat.

There are many large organizations that make ethical decisions and act in a morally responsible manner. Amazon is one such corporation that focuses on the human dimension of its customer base by contributing to humanitarian causes. Companies that display ethical decisions often sponsor open door policies where communication is driven between management and hourly employees. Many companies also have a channel to use for ethical questions. Employees can use this as a means of reporting something they see as unethical.

If a person on any level of the corporate structure sees something unethical, whether it’s something like an item being stolen from a location, or someone in accounting fixing the books to make things look different than they are, they have the moral obligation to report this to the correct people. But where can they turn? If they feel threatened by potential action taken against them, they have a recourse they can take involving legal firms. Retaliation is something that can result in a lawsuit. If you report unethical behavior, you are protected by the law.

An organization can only function as well as those that make up the organization. If there is unethical behavior being conducted throughout the organization, the approach they take will be unethical. They will turn their head when something unethical or immoral is happening within the company. They will admonish the whistleblower. However, if a company champions honesty and integrity, whistleblowing is something that is not looked down upon. Honest business practices should be the norm, but it doesn’t take much to know that is not the case. This is why it is important to champion truth and help those who seek answers.

By working closely with an investigation team, based either in human resources or some outside firm, questions surrounding the issues of unethical behavior can be resolved with open and honest answers. If you have reported something unethical, you need to ensure you provide the full picture and answer all questions. You do not need to be afraid of possible retaliation. Take charge of the situation and find the truth. Help those who are looking to answer the questions by being open and honest, approaching every issue with integrity.

If things go as they should, investigations take place with the human resource or third party into the alleged situation. They will ask all parties involved. The press may become involved, depending on the severity of the situation. There will be pressure from all sides, but if you remain truthful and honest, you should not be intimidated by anyone. By revealing the truth, you are leading the organization toward a positive environment where truth and honesty are considered the best practices.

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