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5 Tips for a Legendary Guys’ Night In

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Finding time with the guys can get a little difficult. With families, full-time jobs, and lots of adult responsibilities to attend to, so it makes sense that you can’t always spend time with your best friends — but when you do, you want to have a great night.

As the host, planning can get a little nerve-wracking. You may want to have a normal guys’ night in, where you can all just relax after the hustle and bustle of adulting, or you may want to spice things up and raise the bar a bit — but how? While some guys have entire entertainment rooms that come complete with pool tables and La-Z-Boy chairs (in other words: a man cave), sometimes all you have is a spacious backyard or living room. Regardless, even if you don’t have a man cave or the equipment to boot, a creative host can still throw a great party. That said, we’ve rounded up a list of five tips to help you host a legendary guys’ night in.

Let your partner know properly

Typically, letting your live-in partner or spouse know that you’ll be hosting a guys’ night at your house should be alright. But if for some reason they throw a fit, put them first. Take them to dinner the night before or after, and encourage them to have their own night out with friends. After all, everyone needs some time with their friends after a long and tiring week at work.

Choose an activity everyone will like

This goes without saying, but it’s best to choose an activity that everyone will enjoy — and there’s no need to overthink it. You can stick to playing games such as poker or a video game (everyone loves Mario Kart!) and accompany it with something unique such as a classic record party or watching to a sports game. Keeping it simple is the best way to have the most fun. After all, playing games like poker or blackjack are bound to lead to stupid jokes and laughing — PPPoker’s Instagram page showcases a ton of memes and funny scenarios that could happen to you and your friends during a regular poker game. There are so many rules and situations to watch out for when playing, and when mixed with your group’s usual shenanigans, it can make for some fun times. Just remember to make sure the activity is enjoyable for everyone and to go with the flow, but remember to have some backup activities just in case things start to die down.

Have some healthy competition

Regardless of the activity you choose, try to incorporate some healthy competition to burn off the competitive spirit that comes with bromances. Make bets about each other at the start of the night and come up with consequences for the loser, and pitch in for incentives for the winner. Don’t forget to set the rules to make sure no one crosses boundaries and everything stays fair!

Choose the right food and refreshments

If you want take your typical guys’ night up a notch, ditch your usual pizza order and try something new. Now that you’re all older, you can all appreciate some good food, so that means there’s no reason for you to stick to the type of food you had in college. Get on the grill or try your hand at slow-cooking or if you want something easier, get a charcuterie board from the store. You can even set up the latter yourself, and check out the ‘15 Drop-Dead-Gorgeous Charcuterie Boards to Elevate Your Dinner Party’ published by PureWow to give yourself some ideas. Additionally, don’t forget to ask your friends for their preferences on what to drink, so you can get the right things at the grocery.

Keep it safe

It’s guys’ night in — so it’s likely that most people will be staying over until the early hours of the morning. Make sure that everyone has safe arrangements to get home, or let them stay the night at yours. After all, it’s important to make sure that everyone has responsible fun to avoid any problems or conflict in the future, and to make sure more nights like these are set up.

But if you’re not up for a night in, next time around, you can also check out our article on ‘How to Plan the Perfect Getaway with the Guys if you prefer to head out instead! At the end of the day, it’s all about having a good time with the guys and making new memories together.

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