Bring The Noise: UE Megaboom 3

A great speaker is only as good as its source. With this review I used 3 devices. Huawei P30 pro, Samsung S10 plus and Lenovo X1 carbon Laptop.

Design: First thing you notice about this unit when you unbox it is the weight. This speaker is not messing around. Pulls a beefy 2lbs. measuring at almost 4”x 9”. I got the very sexy ultraviolet (purple). Comes in lagoon blue, night black, sunset red, and ultraviolet. The outer fabric allows for a nice grip and has a loop near the top so you can use it for a hook of some sort. The front has 2 large + and a – for volume control. The back of the unit there is a rubber strip from top to bottom. To likely tie in the fabric. At the bottom of the strip there is a flap. This covers your charger port sadly micro USB. On the top you have a power button, Bluetooth button and the Magic Button.
In the box. Micro USB, Charger, quick start guide.

Some neat features on this guy. Block Party, You and up to 2 friends can join Block Party in the BOOM & MEGABOOM App and see who’s the better DJ with MEGABOOM 3. You can connect via bluetooth up to 150 boom and megaboom speakers. The app is clean and simple. Not a lot going on here. I do love that you can turn on and off you speaker with the app.

Did I mention it is waterproof and floats in water? It has ip67 rating. You can submerge it for up to 30 minutes. Please for the love of god keep it out of saltwater. IP ratings are fresh water tested. Saltwater will damage. Oh, ya and it floats
Bluetooth range is great. I have gotten about 20-30 feet in doors easy 50 outside. Also, Big one is the 360-degree sound field. In outdoor use it’s a must on any speaker now.

Now the reason we all read these. Functions are cool, design is nice but really if it sounds like garbage the other things do not matter.
As mentioned above I used on 3 different devices to get a good gauge.
The speaker is clear and punchy. But not all things are equal. The song can affect its performance.
Test 1: Song “Take what you want “Post Malone.
Tested @ 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% it was clear and easy to hear but not to loud. Bass sounded clear and punchy except exceeding 75% bass falls flat. Probably to save speaker from blowing. voices were on point. When the guitar solo in this track sounded great.

Test 2: Song “comfortably numb” Pink Floyd
Tested @ 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. this was a non-issue at all. Rock is where is shines. From 25%-100% it kept voices smooth, guitars resonating and drums kicking tight.

Test 3: Song “Returns” NF
Tested @ 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. This song did not test as well but still not horrible. At 25-50% it sounded as good as test 1 and 2. Beyond that not as good. As the volume climbed the song became flatter the base was making more a pop then a thump. Also, voices started to clip @ about 85% volume.
Keep in mind all speakers will play certain music better the others. That does not make a good or a bad speaker per say. My old paradigm speakers were amazing at things with vocals and instruments but my JBL we better for rap music.
Overall 8.5 out of 10. It has style and sound. The audio flatting on some tracks is annoying but all Bluetooth speakers I have tested in the last few years do it. It is a beefy unit so not as comfortable to toss in a bag and go as some other speakers out there. But with a $250 price tag there are not a lot of competitors pulling this sound. Well done UE Megaboom 3

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