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Lenovo cuts its Thinkbook PC free with Energysquare

Las Vegas, January 6, 2020 – Energysquare is the company behind the development of the revolutionary new Power by Contact wireless charging technology. This new solution enables devices to be wirelessly charged simultaneously at the same speed as a wired connection, at high power and with no energy loss. Better yet, multiple devices can be charged simultaneously on the same charging surface. Winner of the 2019 CES Best of Innovation Award, Energysquare today announces its partnership with Lenovo. The global IT giant has chosen CES 2020 to showcase its first Thinkbook laptop models with embedded Power by Contact technology to free workspaces from the restrictive need for wires.

At last, workspaces can be 100% wireless. To charge the laptop, users only need to place it on any surface equipped with this technology. Several features make Power by Contact a truly revolutionary technology: the ability to charge multiple devices on the same surface, the maximum charging speed, the absence of electromagnetic waves and no risk of device overheating, the smart charge management system that automatically detects and matches the device voltage, and its low implementation cost. Unlike inductive wireless charging technologies that can charge devices only within a precisely defined and limited area, and which waste a great deal of energy, the new Power by Contact conduction charging technology offers unparalleled levels of performance. Fully aware of the importance of wireless and the benefits of this new technology, Lenovo is today showcasing its first Power by Contact compatible laptops. The wireless revolution is here!

Timothée Le Quesne is Co-founder & CEO of Energysquare: “After the revolution driven by the integration of WiFi into laptops that emerged in the late 1990s, we are extremely proud to showcase the new revolution in mobile computing in conjunction with Lenovo: truly wireless charging.  Lenovo’s Thinkbook sets a new standard for wire-free workspaces ahead of a tidal wave of technology that will change the face of consumer electronics.”

Energysquare and Lenovo… a key partnership for the wireless workplace

A better user experience with greater efficiency. This is the first time that any laptop has been offered with an energy-efficient wireless charging technology that gives complete freedom of device placement.

Integrated into the Lenovo Thinkbook laptops unveiled at CES 2020, the Power by Contact wireless charging solution is committed to setting a new standard for the workplace. This collaboration could well lead ultimately to Power by Contact technology being embedded in many Lenovo products. Its ultimate intention is to remove wires and cables from every workspace: offices, meeting rooms, coworking areas, etc. As a result, Energysquare and Lenovo are today putting in place the cornerstone around which tomorrow’s workspaces will be built. And those workspaces will be totally wireless.

Power by Contact technology

Unlike those induction charging solutions currently available in the market, Power by Contact uses the principle of conduction and is a concentrated amalgam of advanced microelectronics and algorithms that allows users to charge all their devices simultaneously on a single surface, at maximum speed and with no electromagnetic waves. This delivers many user benefits, including zero interference, zero component overheating, zero energy losses and zero risks to health. Power by Contact is also the first technology to charge any laptop wirelessly.

As part of this technology partnership, the expert teams of Energysquare assisted their Lenovo counterparts with the testing and special developments needed to adapt this technology to the company’s products.

Energysquare will be at Pepcom on January 6, 2020

and at CES from January 7 to 10, 2020

CES stand: Sands, Halls A-D – 42375

Click here for the map

About Energysquare
Energysquare is a French company founded in 2015 to develop the new Power by Contact wireless charging technology. Unlike the inductive charging technologies currently available in the market, Power by Contact enables multiple devices to be wirelessly charged simultaneously at the same speed as a standard charger, but at high power and with no energy loss. The company has a large portfolio of international patents and licenses its all-French technology to international manufacturers of electronic devices.   

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