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Jobs That Are Growing in Demand

As time passes, technology advances, and the population’s needs change, the outlook of various professions may become better or worse. Nobody wants to study and train for a particular job only to find that their skills are becoming less and less relevant. If you’re searching for careers that will offer some security, consider these jobs that are growing in demand today.

Genetic Counselor

A genetic counselor is a qualified specialist who studies a person’s genetics to find out whether they have any hereditary conditions or diseases. The genetic counselor looks at genes and family history to identify whether a person may express a condition or disease, and if not, whether they can pass it on to children. Their counseling skills come into play as they communicate both good and bad findings to the individuals and families they are working with. As people become more interested in finding out what they might expect to face at a later point in life, as well as the risks their children may deal with, genetic counseling is becoming more and more relevant. 

Event Planner

Event planners organize and plan events for all kinds of contexts. They may be put in charge of social gatherings such as weddings and reunions, as well as business meetings, including conferences and team-building events. An event planner takes care of details like where people will stay during an event, their transportation, and what activities will take place during the event. Because new businesses are always being established and others are rapidly growing, event planners have positive prospects as more and more people and businesses can benefit from their skills.

Helicopter Pilot

Helicopter Pilots may be employed in various fields, including tourism, industry, agriculture, transportation, and much more. For this reason, becoming a helicopter pilot is a highly useful path to take, as a pilot’s skills are transferable to many different scenarios, and only a small percentage of people are trained in them. Now is the right time to become a helicopter pilot because demand is ever-present, but the amount of young pilots that can fill that demand is not keeping up. The University of North Carolina and Helicopter Association International performed a study that found the need for helicopter pilots is expected to be greater than the number of pilots available over the next twelve years.

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