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Make #StayHome a little easier.

Who would have thought 2020 was off to this kind of a start? “Netflix and chill” meant something entirely different just four months ago.

Everyone we know is either living AND working from home, or their lives outside of their homes are limited to a very different working routine and/or limited dashes for takeout or necessities. #StayHome is a new reality we all know is important, but we’re all adjusting to everyday.

If you find yourself with a few extra family members in your home right now you may quickly discover two truths: 1) You love your family/roommates/significant-others, but WOW they make more noise than you noticed before, and 2) You want a solution, not an arms-race on noise. (There are OTHER truths too — someone loses their headphones or can’t keep them charged, your headphones have become community property when you wanted to watch Westworld on your phone, or the most painful admission of them all – now that you and your headphones are spending more time together you’re beginning to get annoyed with them.)
 TL;DR — The HELM Audio True Wireless 5 Headphones for $89.99 and Free Shipping in the continental US. In stock.

Here’s how to order yours:
Special Offer Code: SWEETSOUND40

(Enter code at checkout!)

OR click the button below to have your discount applied automatically: 
The HELM Audio True Wireless 5 Headphones have lots of fans in the headphone community; with clear sound with deep bass, great battery life, excellent passive noise cancellation, and great Bluetooth range, the TW5 might be your new favorite wireless headphone. (Or in the case of a crowded house, the favorite “community” wireless headphone.)

The TW5’s sound comparable to many popular over-the-ear headphones. Clear, warm, and surprising bass response. Great for music, great for movies, excellent for games.

The secret sauce of the TW5’s is the passive noise cancellation. TW5 headphones don’t require fancy software or microphones to cancel ambient noise. Included with four ear tip sizes and a design that securely fits your ears, TW5 headphones don’t let ambient sound leak through the cracks. (Seriously – if you need a break from endless repeats of The Office, Friends, or Peppa Pig but can’t step away, the TW5’s can help you find your happy place.)

If you’re getting outdoors for some fresh air and/or a workout, TW5 headphones won’t let you down. Mud, rain, and sweat can’t hurt them.

We could say more, but you have to experience the TW5’s to really know how good they sound. So if you want try the HELM TW5’s and find out you don’t like them, let us know within 30 days, we’ll take them back.

If you want an even better discount we just launched our eBay store featuring factory refurbished – “good as new” with full warranty. Supplies are limited:

We encourage everyone to stay safe while we work together, we know a great soundtrack, movie, game or working out helps keep us positive to beat this virus. We wish the best to you and yours until we’re on the other side of it!
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