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Car Parts You Should Never Neglect

Mostly everyone drives a car, and most of those people own or have access to one. While certain professionals help care for automobiles, like mechanics and technicians, there are certain maintenance tips anyone can do to have a long-lasting vehicle. More so, there are certain car parts you should never neglect; otherwise, you might face serious driving risks.

Wheels and Tires

The wheels and tires help a car move on paved and off-road surfaces. With these come many maintenance services. One such requirement is rotating your tires and monitoring their pressure. Tire rotation balances your vehicle’s handling and traction. It promotes even wear along the tire tread pattern and prolongs their quality. You should also check the tire pressure. A simple pressure gauge will indicate whether your tires are over or under the recommended PSI (usually between 30-40 depending on your vehicle). Too much air can pop your tires, but too little can lead to a weak grip on roads. 


Don’t neglect your transmission, either. This transfers energy from the engine to the wheels. Vehicle transmissions can come in the form of manual or automatic systems. Manual transmissions require drivers to manually shift gears using a clutch pedal. Alternatively, automatic transmission vehicles change gears on their own. Transmission failures can lead to mechanical damages and severe maintenance costs. Avoid this with transmission fluid for proper lubrication when shifting gears. 


The engine acts as the vehicle’s main power system. As the muscle and heart of your car, it’s imperative you keep it properly maintained. Engine failure is a serious issue. Engine repairs can cost a significant amount of money. Still, avoid this with some regular upkeep. For starters, always replace the engine oil at its proper interval. Usually, this averages to 5,000 miles or what your owner’s manual recommends. Also, check the PVC valve and spark plug wires for optimal operation. Additionally, check the engine components, like the turbocharger, to avoid future issues as they can affect the overall engine performance.

Battery and Alternator

Similarly, the battery and alternator are essential car parts you should never neglect. These supply energy to power the engine and all other electrical components. The battery supplies energy to the lights, radio, and all terminal connections. Check and clean wiring so that every connection runs smoothly. The alternator similarly keeps the car from vibrating while in motion. When paired with the suspension, any bump or pothole won’t devastate your car’s interior. Easy alternator protection includes installing a splash shield, as this prohibits fluid buildup.


Finally, always protect your suspension system. The suspension—shock absorbers, struts, springs, ball joints, steering, and tires—allows your vehicle to move in one piece. It provides smooth road handling and ride quality on and off the road. It’s important to maintain the suspension system in case of potholes or road obstacles. These can risk damaging your vehicle and increase accident risk.

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