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EXONE Partners With Pennsylvania Universities To Advance Binder Jetting


Located in North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, ExOne has announced that they have received funding for five of their projects run in partnership with Universities in the state. The company received the funding through its manufacturing PA innovation Program, helping to advance metal Binder Jetting Additive manufacturing.

The funding is part of a broader funding round in which the Department of Community and Economic Development in Pennsylvania awarded $2.8 million to local universities. This cash is dedicated to forty-five projects related to advanced manufacturing technologies. Speaking of technology, you can now get the code for the lottery from the comfort of your home, thanks to advancements in tech. This bonus is ideal for users looking to try out PA iLottery games with no risk.

Currently, ExOne’s Binder Jetting systems are able to additively manufactured parts using over 20 metals, composite materials, and ceramics. However, there’s still important R&D work necessary to take the production technology to the next level.

According to ExOne CEO John Hartner, the manufacturing PA program will help the company to advance its developmental efforts and research in important ways. The projects funded by the program will also help the company to unlock the sustainability and commercial value that the binder jet 3D printing can offer. That includes delivering lightweight vehicles that save more fuel and all-new innovations.

In the Binder Jetting industry, ExOne’s Additive manufacturing machines are the most advanced and believed to be the best researched. Even better, the work has played a crucial role in advancing the company’s BJT processes, materials, and strategies. Hartner further added that the company strongly values their relationship with academic R&D communities due to their efforts in enhancing the company’s competitiveness.

The five projects that received funding from the manufacturing PA are expected to help the company resolve issues related to Binder Jetting of porous and irregular powders. It will also help in identifying and sintering parts that can benefit from this technology. These awards are as follows:

  • Carnegie Mellon University

Concentrating on binder jet 3D printing using powder from metal attrition, this project will help to optimize BJT AM parameters. It will also aid in the densification of irregularly shaped powders like those experiencing attrition.

  • Carnegie Mellon University, with Ansys and Kennametal

This project focuses on the structural redesign and optimal parts consolidation for additive manufacturing in an effort to reduce weight, lifecycle fuel use, and production costs. The project plans to use the software as a tool, allowing users to upload CAD files in large-scale systems, while automatically identifying subsystems and components for optimization and consolidation with BJT. That will enable manufacturers to significantly cut production costs while preserving the functionality of parts made with lightweight material.

  • The University of Pittsburgh with Ansys

This project aims at developing computational tools for simulating the porosity and deformation emanating from sintering binder jet parts made with stainless steel (316L).

  • Villanova University

The project involves investigating the best way to make porous particles wet with binder technology while generating parameters or guidelines for this type of advanced manufacturing.

  • Pennsylvania State University

With the sole aim of developing a new grade of ceramic products using BJT, the project calls for advanced manufacturing supported by the funds. That will help to create a unique ceramic material that can withstand high-temperature and provide great toughness for an array of applications.

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