Hands On: Stealth Touch Mouse By Mahattan

Looking for a new mouse for your rig? Your requirements are quiet, wireless, and cleanable since your a germaphobe. Well it’s your lucky day. Manhattan has come out with the Stealth Mouse. This mouse is wireless, quiet, button-less, and works with both Windows and Mac. Is it worth the  sub $70 USD price?  Check out my review after the jump.

When looking for a mouse usually, unless your a gamer, the only thing you might look for is whether or not the mouse you are buying is wired or wireless. Now that Manhattan has announced the Stealth you have a few more options to look for.


First thing I noticed with this mouse is that it looks like a pebble. There are no buttons on the top so you have  a smooth surface to rest your palm on. The Stealth works more like a touch screen than a regular mouse. This mouse is fully functional with left and right buttons and a scroll wheel, all activated by touch. No clicks, no buttons, no nothing.

The mouse took a little to get used to. I’m used to resting my fingers on the left and right button. Since this is a touch mouse resting your fingers could cause a problem. I was suprised to find out that even when resting my fingers on the mouse I could still get full function without causing problems. All you need to do is lift the finger and then “click” the spot you want.

The scroll wheel also functions just like any other mouse, with the exception of the fact there is no actual wheel.

This is one of the quietest mice you will ever use. Since there are no physical buttons, there is no click.

There mouse follows your movements with a 1200 DPI lazer. This makes for accurate and rapid movement across you screen. The Stealth mouse is a 2.4 GHz wireless mouse that includes a small storage space in the bottom of the mouse for the USB receiver. The Stealth is powered by 2 AAA batteries (included).

To not make sure the mouse doesn’t look  bland, the  Manhattan logo on the side of the Stealth lights blue when in use.

Since the Stealth is a touch mouse you can also use this as a presenter for you presentations with it’s touch controls.

Thanks to it’s button-less design, the Stealth Mouse is a great option for people who are worried about germs in the crevices of traditional mice. This mouse is easy to keep clean with next to no where for germs to hide.

Overall, this is a decent mouse. The idea of a quiet, button-less mouse has been well executed by Manhattan. Also this mouse could probably be marketed with much success to the people who are worried about germs. The mouse functions as any mouse should. Simulated button clicks are very responsive and the mouse is easy to get used too. If your in the market for a wireless mouse this could be a great option for you to look at.



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