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One of the most frustrating parts of owning a smart phone or table is trying to keep the screen clean. There always seems to be smudges and fingerprints no matter what we do. Thanks to the people over at Carson they have come up with not only a easy to use solution but one that you can carry around with you wherever you go. Check out my review after the break.


Usually you either have to deal with smudges and fingerprints, or use one of the old ways such as lick the screen and wipe it with your shirt, fog the screen up with your breath and wipe it with your shirt, use a specialty wipe that you don’t usually carry around with you, or just use glass cleaner. With most of those options are either unsanitary, not practical while away from your house, or could cause scratches to your screen.

As you can see the   C6  CS-50 screen cleaner is a USB Drive sized dry cleaner that requires no cleaning solution. All you have to do is slid the cleaning bar out, and clean away. Be advised though that this screen cleaner is not recommended for anti-glare screens, non-glossy screens or wet surfaces. When used as directed the C6 leave a streak free clean every time.

The C6 CS-50 contains a Dry Nano-Particle Cleaning Formula that easily wipes away smudges and fingerprints. I have found out during testing that if your fingerprints happen to be sticky say from kids eating sugary candy or maybe even popcicles, the cleaning pad could tend to leave black marks on the screen. For just removing smudges and clean fingerprints, this is a quick and easy choice that works quite well.

One nice thing about these screen cleaners is the fact that there is a loop on the top that you can hook this to your key chain, and never have to worry about being without a source to clean your screen.

Overall these are a great product, handy to keep around, easy to use, and sold at a price that makes it very attractive to purchase. You can fine the CS-50 at these retailers in a 2 pack for around $10



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