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Boots Industries Announces the Launch of The First‐Of‐Its‐Kind Self‐replicating, High precision 3D Printer ‘The BI V2.0′


The BI V2.0, a delta style 3D printer featuring widely available and self‐replicating 3D
printed components has been launched by Boots Industries. The company has launched a
Kickstarter campaign to roll out this new 3D printer with its sturdy self‐replicating frame
that offers one of the largest 3D build volumes and outstanding print quality to the

Quebec, Qc, Canada (PRWEB) December 20, 2013
With its reinforced frame and triple pulley system, Boots Industries BI V2.0 is built to
offer a true 300 mm by 300 mm (diameter by height) build volume and features a selfreplicating
design that is all set to empower the public to print their own 3D printers.
Made of steel reinforced 3D printed corners and 3/4 inch anodized aluminium
extrusions that act as structural and linear motion components, the BI V2.0’s has a
clean, practical, and dual‐purpose design. Its design can support up to triple extrusion
and print virtually any 1.75 mm filament extruding at up to 240 degrees Celsius

Although the BI V2.0 is definitely ready for production, Boots Industries plans to offer it
for $799 after their Kickstarter campaign that is geared towards acquiring the
components in bulk, fine tuning the kits for packaging, and working with specialized
local providers to explore new ways of product packaging that result in the lowest
footprint and the highest safety during shipping. Kickstarter printers will be the first to
ship even before they add the BI V2.0 to their online store.

Speaking about the successful concept development and creation of the BI V2.0, Jean Le
Bouthillier said, “This version represents the evolution of our work and reinforces our
core belief that with the right components and a little bit of ingenuity, there are no
limits to creating a high precision, large build volume 3D printer at a relatively low cost.
Our assembled components remove the longest and trickiest steps from the equation.
With our simple to follow instructions, the partial assembly will conservatively take
between 30 minutes and an hour.”

The BI V2.0’s triple pulley system, which automatically keeps the delta arms of each
tower level, allows for a large build volume and high quality 3D printed pieces. The
result is a high precision motion accomplished with low cost and widely available
components. High‐powered NEMA 17 motors with 32x Microstepping ensure maximum
precision using 3D printed linear bearings during vertical displacement of the delta
towers. The 3D printer also features a non‐stretch, 50 lb test spectra line that will never
stretch during accelerations prompted by print requests.

The BI V2.0 can be controlled through the use of a conveniently positioned LCD
controller with a large screen that features all the key functionalities such as moving the
printer head, setting speeds and temperatures, and starting prints from a 4 GB SD card
that comes standard with the LCD controller. All the 3D printers will also ship with
standard features, including a heat bed featuring a triple point adjustment mechanism
to make macro adjustments and an auto‐level probe that ensures consistent layering
across the entire 300 mm diameter.

Describing the self‐replicating design, the most unique aspect of the BI V2.0, François
Crête stated, “Developed using our innovative approach to offer the highest standards
of print quality, the self‐replication feature enables you to use the BI V2.0 to print it’s
own core components. The result is that anyone can improve upon, share components
and build their own printer at a very low cost.”

Boots Industries will make all their 3D models open source by releasing the source files
in the Sketchup format once their Kickstarter Campaign ends. They will also provide
online videos, articles, a wiki, and dedicated support for all aspects of the BI V2.0. More
information about the Kickstarter campaign and the powerful features of this one‐of‐akind
3D printer are available at:‐

About Boots Industries:
Boots Industries was founded in 2012 by Jean Le Bouthillier, MSc and François Crête,
BEng with a goal of making 3D printing more accessible by offering high quality at an
affordable price. The company is already printing all the 3D printed components and
they have the ability to scale production (by using more printers) to meet any demand.
One of the top Canadian suppliers of PLA and ABS filament who also offer other
electrical components for 3D printing, the company has secured new contracts with
electronics manufacturers to produce the electronics in bulk.

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