Bring the noise: An audio adventure with Sennheiser Momentum Black Over the Ear


We are going take some time today to review the wild world of headphones. Specifically Sennheiser momentum black over the ear.

First thing you notice is that they put some nice work into packaging, not that packaging really matters at the end of the day but it does make you feel a little more excited about what you’re about to get yourself into.



Have to give it to Sennheiser when I comes to design. The look and feel is amazing. On the top of your head is a soft padded black leather band with red stitch which ends half way down to extend a sexy brushed aluminium.
The ear cup covers the ear comfortably with the soft cushion padding and seals in the sound.



The 3.5mm headphone cable is removable but has an interlocking system to keep it from pulling out too easily unlike some other headphones with similar design.

These are so light that you can easily forget you even have them on your head. Kind of like the music is just emerging in your ears from the hymns of an angel…ok maybe not quite like that but you get the idea.  For over the ear headphones these are one of the lightest in is category.


Sound Quality

Specs on these are quite nice.

Max. Sound pressure level @ 110dB
Impedance 18ohms
Total harmonic distortion <0.5%

The sound is well balanced and crisp. I reviewed these while listening to classic rock (slow ride – foghat) Rap (caribou lou – tech n9ne) and come industrial (nin – somewhat damaged).


They are very clear with highs and mids and descent lows. Not as much bass as I would like while pumping on some Tech N9ne but still good compared to other headphones I have used in the same category as these I could honestly say they are the most well balanced I have heard.

As a whole these are a great buy if you are looking to drop $400 bones. It is money well spent. If you are in the market for a high quality headphone that will last and provide excellent sound for years to come than this is the headphone for you. Head over to their site and check out all their amazing products.

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