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Turbo Teck HDMI

With the influx of HDTV’s you have multiple companies making different quality HDMI cables that may or may not work for your applications. Sure, they say you will hardly notice a difference between a cheap HDMI cable and an expensive one, but they less expensive ones may not work for 3D or 4K HDTV.  Only problem with that is now when you go to upgrade your devices, now you need a new cable due to the fact that your Dollar Store cable can’t handle 3D TV or 4K HDTV. Why not go with a cable that can already do that, and comes with a guarantee that if their HDMI Cable doesn’t work with your future purchase they will give you a replacement cable that is the latest and greatest that they offer. That is the guarantee that Turbo-Teck delivers with each and every HDMI Cable in their Premier HDMI Cable line.  Sounds great, lets check out the cable and see how it works.

Turbo Premier

The Turbo-Teck  HDMI Cable tested is the TURBO Premier with Ethernet 4 foot cable. This cable features an ultra thin design and uses RedMere technology to make it very energy-efficient. RedMere Technology is what allows the cable to be as thin as it is and use less power than traditional HDMI Cables. The Turbo-Teck Premier HDMI Cable is made from 80% Less copper and PVC making this cable not only easier to use due to the smaller diameter, but also it is a Green Cable that is better for the environment. The Turbo Premier cables  are 3D and 4K HDTV capable and surpass current HDMI Standards to allow compatibility with future devices.  The Turbo Premier Cable is also capable of data transfer rates of up to 18.0 Gbps.

As you can see from this picture,  the Turbo-Teck Turbo High Speed HDMI Cable was tested with an XBOX One and a New VIZIO HDTV. The Turbo High Speed Cable preformed flawlessly with Need For Speed and Netflix running at the same time. There  was no lag, pixilating or any other problems with the picture during game play or video watching.




The cables are very well-built and the ends are gold-plated and encased in metal to protect the plug. The cable itself is almost half as thin and the leading cable to make for an easy fit if you happen to run your cables through the wall, or if you TV sits close to your wall. The cable is also very flexible to make routing the cables easy and painless. On top of the warranty that your cable will never be incompatible with future technology, Turbo-Teck offers a limited lifetime replacement warranty on their cable.

If you are currently looking to upgrade your home theater, and a new home theater, or just want some new cables, check out and have a look at not only their line of HDMI Cables, but also the other home theater items they have such as  TV Mounts, Audio Cables, and Cleaning Supplies.





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