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Review: Divoom Bluetune Bean


Size does not always relate to quality. Just look at Napoleon, small man, yet had a massive amount of power behind him. Maybe not the best example considering what he did, but still you get the point. What I am saying is that this little tiny speaker emits an extremely powerful  sound that is matched by its much larger and more expensive counterparts. Read on to hear the difference with your eyes.


When I first opened the box and saw this little speaker I was a little skeptical. I won’t lie about it, I thought well this isn’t going to blow me away. It is kind of like the movie Men In Black when K hands J the noisy cricket and he thinks he is going to break it. But apart from the size, this little speaker has a very nice feel to it. The outer casing which is a soft rubber shell actually comes off and i’m assuming can be interchanged if you have more than one speaker. Also it allows for it to be cleaned without damaging the speaker’s internals.


Now that we have moved on from the sheer size of the bean, lets discuss the actual sound of it. It’s rather clever that they called this little guy the bean, the musical fruit as some describe it. The bean connects to bluetooth very easily as does many bluetooth speakers, and once paired it automatically repairs with the last device as well. There is a power button and a phone button This is because not only is this speaker used for music, but it has a built in microphone that allows you to do conference calls and speaker phone! I know!!


Okay, so playing music on it. The only downside to this is there is no volume buttons actually on the speaker. I prefer to have the option to turn it down from both the phone and the speaker but it isn’t a huge deal. The speaker itself has an amazing sound quality from such a small source. I have used numerous speakers in my lifetime and each one has it’s own qualities to them that make them amazing. This speaker is the one that is designed for everyone. It is small enough to carry with you and take it wherever you want, loud enough to fill a room, and so affordable you have no excuse not to get one for any special occasion. It packs a punch of audio and works well with all different types of music.

In my opinion if you are looking for a speaker that is suitable for different occasions but not so costly that it breaks the bank instead of the sound barrier this is the speaker for you. Coming in numerous different color schemes, able to clip onto your belt loop, bookbag, or anything really, being able to have a phone conversation without having to pull out your phone and with up to 6 hours of continuous play you really can’t go wrong! Head over to Divoom now and pick yours up for $29.99!


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