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Sometimes you just need to shut the world out. I don’t mean literally, but metaphorically. Some days putting on a pair of headphones and just closing your eyes and listening to your favorite song can make life seem like a completely different place. What better way to do that than with a pair of bluetooth headphones that produce top quality sound and exceptional comfort. Read on to find out more.


 The first thing you notice when you pull the headphones out of the box is the quality of the band. It is a very solid rubberized material that is extremely durable and flexable. It is a very smooth surface so it is easily cleanable and sweat resistant. The ear pads are removable so they can easily be cleaned as well. They are also oversized and exteremly comfortable yet still allowing an immense amount of sound to come through.


These are so comfortable that you wont want to take them off your head for around 9 hours. Which is perfect because the battery will last about 9 hours! But for the times that it is off your head you will be okay too because the standby time is about 254 hours. And as for distance from your phone or whatever it is you are connected to you can be about 30 feet from your device.


The outside of the headphones have buttons available to skip or go back a track, turn the volume up and down and to answer and hang up on calls. Oh yes, not only are these headphones, they also have a built in microphone so that you can make phone calls and skype without ever using your hand to hold anything up to your face. The sound quality from the microphone is not bad at all either. There is sometimes a slight echo but for the most part it is very clear and nobody knows the difference.

Overall, these headphones are extremely comfortable, have amazing sound quality, can hold a charge for much longer than you will probably listen to music, and they grip your head so you can go out and do anything or just hang out at home. The buttons and frame are extremely durable but still comfortable. The microphone picks up your voice very easily, and the bluetooth automatically reconnects to which ever device is available as soon as you turn it on. For the price point they are in, which is 69.95, you really can not go wrong with purchasing these. Head over to Outdoor Tech and check out all the outdoor tested products they have available!

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