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Swissvoice launches the magic Voice Bridge

Imagine you arrive at home or at your workplace and all fixed line and mobile communications could be carried out via the nearest mobile device at hand. Imagine your tablet turns into a fixed phone and enables you to make and take any calls from your landline.What would you say if your smartphone could transform into a walky-talky for internal calls at no cost or if someone could join your landline conversation on his smartphone or tablet simply by tapping on its display?
How many times were you busy searching for contacts in your address book with one hand, while trying to tap the number into your DECT-phone with the other? And how often have you received a call not knowing the caller name simply because your DECT-phone did not display an up-to-date contact list?

Prick up your ears: One sleek and slender box holds the key to simplify all our communications.

Las Vegas, CES – January 5, 2014 – Swissvoice, inventor of premium and elegant home phone accessories and DECT telephones, unveils at CES Las Vegas an innovative device for home and office use: Voice Bridge. Voice Bridge is a small box featuring a sleek and functional design which serves as a bridge between the regular land line and mobiles and tablets. It connects the smartphone or the tablet in order to automatically transfer calls received on your existing fixed telephone line to your preferred iOS or Android device.

After a quick and intuitive set-up you can receive and make calls on your portable devices from your existing landline number with no additional fees. Voice Bridge is the ideal solution for everyone who wants to use and /or share their existing fixed line number on several smartphones and tablets in the same home or office: family members can connect to several devices and SOHO companies (Small Office Home Office) can easily converse in conference mode. Moreover, Voice Bridge reinvents the private conference mode allowing 2 people sharing the same outgoing call, using 2 different devices, as people used to do with phones equipped with the additional earphone.

Voice Bridge

  • Assigns the existing fixed line number to multiple devices. No new landline number is needed!
  • Provides the comfort and convenience of fixed-mobile convergence
  • Transforms any iOS or Android device into a regular landline phone
  • Connects up to five smartphones and/or tablets at the same time
  • Allows intercom calls between two smartphones or tablets free of charge
  • Always lets people know who is calling thanks to the Voice Bridge app which synchronizes with the smartphone’s contact list
  • Provides new event notifications (missed calls, messages waiting, access to call history)
  • Is compatible with iOS and Android devices

Ease of use
With Voice Bridge there is no need to modify the home setup of the existing telephoneswissvoice graphic system. The minimalist Voice Bridge box uses the existing PSTN line and number and behaves like a standard PSTN phone. It works instead of OR in addition to existing DECT-telephones. There is no Wi-Fi-pairing and no need to create a user account

Plug and Play
Voice Bridge is easy to set up with an intuitive plug-and-play installation. Simply plug the Voice Bridge box to your Wi-Fi Router, download the app from the App Store or Google Play and launch the app on your mobile or tablet.

Voice Bridge will be available in the US, South America and Europe during March / April 2014 and available to purchase priced at 79 USD or 79 € (incl. VAT).

Swissvoice, founded in Switzerland in 1893, is a global company which is recognized for home telephony. Swissvoice is the source of major innovations in residential telephony including the fulleco® and reverse ATA. In 2013, invoxia acquired swissvoice. Invoxia is a French high-tech business that designs, develops, produces and markets telecommunication devices aimed at improving comfort and simplifying the user experience.

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