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Hands On: SoulBay Mustache Shaping Symmetric Kit for Men

If you are like me, you can never get your beard trimmed evenly. No matter how much time you take, or how careful you are, you can never make the left and right side of your beard even. Tired of messing my beard up every single time I shave. I decided I either had to go to the Barber anytime I needed to shave, or find something to make sure I got a clean and even shave every time. I went onto Amazon and found the  SoulBay Mustache Shaping Symmetric Kit for Men. This kit includes a beard trimming guide with comb, straight razor, and nose hair trimmer. It also came with a velvet storage bag. First off I need to let you know that the kit does not come with the blades for the straight razor. (I missed that part when I ordered) You can order them separately from Amazon also. 

First off, we have the Mustache Shaping Tool. It is made of metal and easy to keep clean. This tool allows you to have an evenly trimmed beard that is symmetrical on both sides. This will keep you from having one side of your face with less beard than the other. You can also use this tool to make sure the trim on the bottom of your beard is straight and not crooked. The Shaping tool also includes two different size combs to keep your perfectly trimmed beard looking the best at all times. This also works great to make sure the sides of your goatee are straight and that your sideburns are perfect every trim. 

Next you have the straight razor. This razor uses disposable straight edge blades that you can get from the link above or any place that sells straight edge blades. Unless you have used a straight edge before, don’t think this is something you can just jump right in and be a pro with like switching from a multi-blade razor to a safety razor.  The first time I used the straight edge I ended up cutting myself three times. 

The scissors that are included are stainless steel and are small enough to trim your nose and ear hair, but also big enough to keep your eyebrows and beard under control. 

Overall, The SoulBay Mustache Trim kit works great and is just as advertised. With a price point of only $13.99 and includes 2 day prime shipping.  If you’re looking for a cheap and easy way to keep your beard looking great every shave, this is the way to go.  I will update this review in several months, after I see how the metal of the Shaping Tool holds up to repeatedly having water on it from shaving. 

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