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RollerMug: More than just a Travel mug

Founded by two young ambitious entrepreneurs from Almaty Kazakhstan, very few people know about them. But the product they bring to the market is sure to make speak about them all over the world. This is a unique innovation, charging positive young and creative people who are striving for happiness and success, who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of another novelty to supplement their collection of bright and stylish products that radiate joy.The founders of the brand pleased with their unique product that has no analogues in the world: a universal Travel MuG- antistress Roller MuG.


The idea of creating an unusual coffee mug litted up its authors while working in the office.The guys decided to put an end to gloomy despondency on the tables of their colleagues and replace it with something bright, positive – and at the same convenient and safe. The desire to give people a piece of happiness that will always be there, mobilized creative imagination and inspired talented guys to create an exclusive product. Hundreds of ideas, dozens of sketches and experiments with elaboration of the smallest details resulted in a unique product – the coffee thermo mug Roller MuG.


Roller MuG- three in one


The novelty without exaggeration turned out to be exclusive. Its creators managed to combine seemingly incompatible things: a convenient mug-thermos, able to keep the temperature of the drink for 4-8 hours, and a creative simulator for warming up the mind. The inner part of the case is made of high-quality food steel, and the exterior is a unique design of seven bright rings, scrolling according to the principle of the famous Rubik’s cube.Located on the rings of colored squares, shining with rainbow colors, allow to practice ingenuity in moments of relaxation and at the same time to collect your unique pattern, while enjoying hot and aromatic coffee.


A unique mug was immediately tested in the office and unanimously accepted by the whole team. Moreover, it turned out that a bright colorful surface, originally designed to evoke positive emotions and cheer up, also has a huge anti-stress effect! Given the specifics of tense and often routine office work, universal circle Roller MuG become a real gift for office workers. Thus, every owner of a compact and convenient insulated cup got just three pleasures: the opportunity at any time to cheer up your favorite drink, to train your brain and relieve tension.


But this did not stop the developers. Realizing that their invention has a triple effect, they decided to share it with the world by launching  Roller MuG mass production. Now the project is being prepared for launch on Kickstarter, and takes pre-orders to expand the audience.Very soon students, office workers, travelers and simply creative young people all over the world, striving for originality and living on the wave of positive, will be able to become owners of a unique product that is able to give warmth, a smile and a piece of happiness.


Does your coffee seem a bit flat? Too cold? Flavorless? Maybe it tastes of plastic? Then it could be you’re drinking it from the wrong mug! If you want hot, aromatic coffee always handy, the RolleR MuG is the thermo mug designed with you in mind. Thanks to its double steel body, this mug maintains drink temperature for up to eight hours.

But that’s not all.

Do you want to be original and stand out from the crowd? Then the ROLLER MUG is a uniquely brilliant choice! Its attractive design in seven luscious rainbow colors will make you feel better on even the dullest day – while the coffee fills you with warmth and good cheer!

But that’s still not all!

A RolleR MuG isn’t just a cup: you hold in your hand a anti-stress toy – and it’s cooler than a spinner! Experiment: combine the colors of the rainbow, twist the colored rings and make your own patterns. Enhance your coffee break. Relax and think nice thoughts!


There is nothing else like the RolleR MuG around today. It’s the only mug that combines pleasure with even more pleasure: enjoy yourself, relax, be happy – and drink your favorite coffee!

Keeps drinks safe and warm

The RolleR MuG  keeps hot drinks hot for up to four hours, and cold drinks cold for up to six hours. The inner body, which is in contact with the drink, is made from food-grade steel that is harmless to health.



NO Bisphenol A used in manufacture!

  • Double body ensures reliable vacuum between inner and outer walls, maintaining the temperature of the drink for longer
  • Tightly fitting lid prevents spillage
  • Different-colored rings are firmly held in place – don’t worry about your pattern getting spoiled!
  •  SS  food-grade steel doesn’t affect the taste of the coffee (unlike plastic mugs, which alter flavor and aroma)

Your coffee is always handy

The RolleR MuG’s all-purpose shape and meticulous design mean you can always have hot coffee or iced tea handy:

  •         Fits in-car cup holders and airplane tray tables
  •         At college or in the office, on a picnic or on the road, your mug is always with you
  •         Takes up little space in a bag
  •         Stows conveniently in a rucksack pocket and seals tightly
  •         Quick and easy to clean

About us…

We are two young entrepreneurs from Almaty, the southern capital of Kazakhstan. Our mission is to spread joy and a sunny mood, and that’s why we create unique, brilliant solutions for everyday life under the ALAMATA brand. Our goal is to make innovative, stylish products for young, creative, confident people – people like you!

… and about our favorite mug

Just like you, we spend at least eight hours a day in the office, and of course we drink coffee all the time. One day, we noticed that all our office mugs and thermo mugs were depressingly similar. We collected the mugs and lined them up on the desk in front of us: black ones, gray ones, brown ones, cheap plastic ones. Frankly, it was a dismal sight. And suddenly we had an idea: to make a cheerful mug that would also withstand heat and be safe to use.

We made dozens of sketches and tested a multitude of prototypes before producing our mug. Every detail of the RolleR MuG is the result of careful consideration and ergonomic testing. We think the best results come from diligent effort and sincere


Crowdfunding- the secret of successful campaign


Ingenuity and creativity appreciated at all times. And if a few decades ago tell the world about a new product was quite difficult, with the rapid development of the Internet to tell about your new idea or product can be in a few minutes. With the advent of the crowdfunding platform, it became possible not only to tell millions of people about a new product but also raise funds for the realization of yourself idea.


Through the collection of funds for one of the sites crowdfunding – Kickstarter – Only in the last decade, the world has received many useful gadgets.For example, there was the world’s first 3D Printing Pen, allowing you to create color volumetric models. Initially, the required amount for the implementation of the campaign was only $ 30,000, but the device turned out to be so interesting that ultimately 3D-pen raised funds more – approximately $ 2.5 million. And now this gadget is enjoyed not only by teenagers but also by adult craftsmen who like to create something with their own hands.


There is one more gadget that gained worldwide popularity through on Kickstarter. This is the spinner – Universal toy anti-stress, which with the help of crowdfunding collected huge funds. But the founders did not stop. Realizing that user of a spinner  without additional options can quickly get bored, they have developed dozens of “clever” models and also turned to Kickstarter to raise funds for these campaigns.


Nowadays, the popular crowdfunding platform can be seen more than a dozen “smart” spinner: with a flashlight and LED, openers and cases for smartphones and many other, equally interesting and useful models.


One such attractive products has become – a universal Travel Mug Antistress ROLLER MUG. The project is unusual and interesting because it is both stylish and comfortable. Thermo mug made in the style of Rubik’s cube, the mug is able to maintain beverage temperature up to 6 hours.And this is a very entertaining toy which helps to relieve stress. You can twist and collect cubes according to the colors. Universal, carefully thought-out design, and bright stylish design circles – is something that will surely attract the attention of people in every corner of the world. So, the novelty, as well as many other modern gadgets, no doubt doomed to quick success.


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