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Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Tinted Windows in Your Car

If you haven’t already applied window tint to your car windows, you should seriously consider doing so. Even if heat is not a major issue where you live, there are many other good reasons to have tinted windows. Tinted windows may look great, but that is not the main reason to get it. Here are the important reasons to have your car windows tinted.

Protection from Ultraviolet (UV) Rays

If your car remains in the sun for any length of time, the interior will probably become overheated. This not only puts a strain on your air conditioning when you do start up, it can damage the interior of your car. Sunlight and heat will damage plastic and fabric inside your car causing it to crack or fade very quickly. Tinting can reduce the heat inside your car by 60 percent.

Research shows that skin cancer is more prevalent in people on the left arm and the left side of the face. This is directly connected to sun exposure while driving. If you regularly sit in traffic for long periods or are planning a long road trip, you may need the UV protection of window tinting film.

Safety Issues

Windows with tinting film actually hold the window together during a collision. The shattered glass does not become airborne and fly around the interior of the car.

Tinted windows protect against glare. This may be from the headlights of oncoming cars or from the sun when you are driving towards it.


Tinted windows make it difficult for a burglar to see what you have inside your car. If you happen to leave something valuable such as a purse or electronic device on the seat, it may not be such an easy target. In most cases, burglars want to see inside your car with a quick pass-by, not get up close. It will not be easy to smash the window to grab something because, as mentioned above, the film will hold the window together.

Types of Tint

If you are having the tint applied professionally, the professional will know the laws of your state that govern car window tinting. The International Window Film Association may also have helpful information. You can ask about the different types of tint for different areas of your car. For example, there is a special film for the back window where you may have a GPS system or a built-in antenna. It will not contain any metals so it won’t interfere with electronic equipment.

Window tinting comes in several levels of heat reduction. You can choose a film that combines metal with dye or full metal film that has a silver color. These may protect against 70 percent of UV rays. You can find a film that is guaranteed not to fade, peel, bubble or crack. Some offer a lifetime warranty for a residential vehicle and a 10-year warranty for a commercial vehicle.

Until now, you may not have realized how important window tinting can be for your car. It will extend the life of the plastic and fabric in the interior, protect you and your passengers from harmful UV rays, stop glass from spraying around the interior of your car if you have an accident and even protect against smash and grab thieves.

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