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Futurepath Technology showcases BESTKEY branded data backup, PD fast chargers and wireless chargers at CES 2018

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Futurepath Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., a China-based producer of high-end peripheral accessories for mobile devices, showcased its new product lineup including accessories for 3C electronics, chargers and transmission lines under the BESTKEY brand, at CES 2018, which opened in Las Vegas on January 9th. The roll out of the new products signals a new stage of development for the mobile accessories maker during 2018.

In the storage segment, Futurepath Technology displayed the SS101, a data backup charging base for mobile phones. Doing away with the need to connect to the network, the SS101 enables automatic backup of the address book, photos, videos, music, files and other types of documents from mobile phones to hard disks embedded in the base synchronously with the charging process, making data backup as easy as daily charging. Data backup into the base is safe, reliable, convenient and fast, and avoids the risks of information disclosure associated with data backup into the cloud.

In the charging segment, the company displayed the Teddy Bear series as well as power delivery (PD) and QC3.0 quick charging series of mobile power bank and high-efficiency wireless chargers. The PD power bank series S105, and the wireless chargers turned heads at the event. The S105 featuring the world’s fastest PD fast-charge technology increases the output power of a mobile power bank from 10W to 45W, a perfect fit for charging a notebook. At the same time, the S105 is equipped with a reconfigurable PIC, a battery pack consisting of three lithium batteries in series, a discharge plateau at 11.1V and 72.15 watt-hours (Wh) in capacity. Low drop-out and a DC-DC chip makes the mobile power bank more efficient at a low temperature coupled with the ability to handle high levels of power consumption.

The wireless charger lineup includes chargers for both home and in-vehicle use. BESTKEY-branded wireless chargers boast high efficiency. The actual received power of an iPhone can reach 7.5W.

In the transmission segment, the company displayed data and charging hub series H04/H05/H06 and video hub series CH101. The H04/H05/H06 series are designed for 12″, 13″ and 15″ Apple MacBooks, respectively, and adjust the output current of the original TYPE-C adapter, enabling a single notebook power adapter to charge tablets and mobile phones. The series features powerful functions such as interface extension, interface conversion and data transfer. One notebook power adapter can meet all of a user’s typical daily needs.

The CH101, a Type-C video interface hub, features split-type design and provides six video interface conversion options that meet the free conversion requirements for MINIDP/VGA/HDMI video playback interfaces and Type-C interface-compatible notebook PC.

For more detailed product information, please keep an eye on FuturePath Technology and BESTKEY. Knowing that our users care keeps us motivated!


FuturePath Technology’s brand BESTKEY is sold under the Qi Dou name in China. Qi Dou is the romanization of the two Chinese characters that stand for “seven bushels”. The name was chosen to reflect the meaning of the Chinese idiom cai gao ba dou which, word-for-word, signifies “having eight bushels of talent” and generally describes a man of great talent, alluding to the philosophy that the company must have a mind as open as a valley (a metaphor for expressing humility, a key virtue in Chinese culture) in order to pursue excellence in product design and quality.

Futurepath Technology’s product lines consist of accessories for 3C electronics, chargers and transmission lines, including mobile phone storage disks, storage cards, solid state disks, portable power, smart AC chargers, smart vehicle chargers, data transmission lines, smart Bluetooth devices, wireless chargers, data and charging hub and video interface hub.

For more information, please visit: http://www.bestkeybrand.com, http://www.futurepath.com.cn

SOURCE FuturePath Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd

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