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One Source LIVE is a celebration of authentic African Creativity

One Source LIVE is a celebration of authentic African creativity, and many people can’t wait to see it. This event will occur on 24 March 2018, and people have been talking about it since November 2017. The event will be very dramatic, with multiple stages and a wide range of different performers. It’s an event set in Johannesburg, but it won’t just be for South African musicians, artists, and fashion designers.


People have every reason to believe that this is going to be a really successful event. There certainly aren’t enough events like this that are geared towards celebrating African music and art as a whole. On that basis alone, One Source LIVE is attracting a lot of attention. People are talking about it and doing a lot of free advertisement for the event.

Laolu Senbanjo

African Art: Body Art 2 Series



However, to a certain extent, the marketing for this event has been going on for over a year by this point. The famous South African rapper Khuli Chana collaborated with many other famous pan-African musicians to create the famous One Source video in 2016. This is one of the most well-known videos that Africa has ever produced. It has hundreds of thousands of hits on YouTube, and that’s only counting the people who saw it on YouTube, of course. Many other people have seen it on additional websites.


It retrospect, it almost looks like the video is something of an advertisement for this event, although that was certainly not intentional. One way or another, the video itself proved how much demand there is all over the world for more creative content from Africa. In all likelihood, the One Source LIVE event is just going to attract more attention from the people who are interested in seeing what the world of African art has to offer.

Mary Sibande


African Art: The Reign


The One Source video itself is certainly a wonderfully dramatic presentation, and it’s something that all people should watch if they haven’t yet. They might find themselves watching it again and again. As the One Source LIVE event gets closer and closer, this might be one of the most watched videos on certain video sharing websites.


Many people have rated the video highly, and they have said that it really is an example of genuinely African hip hop. The distinction is obviously subtle, but there are some trends that are influencing American hip hop. There is something clearly different about the style used with the One Source video. Many people will watch it feeling that it is truly unique in more ways than one, and it is a worthwhile representation of what people will see from many modern popular African musicians.

Laolu Senbanjo

African Art: The Sacred Art Of The Ori




This video also manages to reveal some things about African fashion and art at the same time, which makes it even better as an unintentional preview for the One Source LIVE event that people will see in a couple months. This was still only a three-minute video, as fantastic as it was. The One Source LIVE event is going to last all day, and people will be able to see so much more talent on full display.

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