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Revitalize Charging Solutions Unveils Rev+ Dual Home Charger

Fort Worth, TX, January 29, 2017— Rev+ Dual Home Charger , the electric vehicle market’s first dual residential charger, was introduced to market today on Indiegogo byRevitalize Charging Solutions, Inc. (RCS), a Fort Worth, TX-based energy-efficient, electric vehicle charging company. The Rev+ Dual Home Charger offers a combination of cost-effective convenience, manageability via the RCS mobile application and reporting intelligence.

“REV+ will be the solution that provides the charging needs for one or two electric vehicle homes,” said Edward Morgan, Founder & CEO of Revitalize Charging Solutions. “With the price of electric cars decreasing, you will start to see homes with two electric cars. Our dual charger has power of 12 kWh and 50 Amps, providing a big punch in a short period of time.”

The cost is $699.  Customers will be able to order on Indiegogo and receive a deep discount up to 27%.

The Rev+ Dual Home Charger features a range of ways in which users can monitor and manage their EV charging experience. The charger is the first with three communication options: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and an integrated web server. With the first two technologies, users interact with their chargers via a RCS mobile app, from which they can:

  1. Create and manage user profiles;
  2. Establish customized charging schedules;  
  3. Start, stop and delay charge;
  4. Create and analyze charging and energy use reports;
  5. Set notifications;
  6. Get real time in charging stats; cost and amount of power used.

If anything should happen to the user’s phone, the same information can be accessed via any Web browser thanks to the charger’s integrated webserver.

The capabilities in the REV+ Dual Home Charger will deliver a host of other user benefits, including the ability to schedule charging during off-peak hours. This scheduling flexibility will translate to significant long-term cost savings. Moreover, RCS’s features and scheduling abilities can make sure that drivers never forget to charge their cars. For example, if a customer accidentally neglects to plug in his or her vehicle, RCS will send a reminder notification.


Saving time and money fall under the umbrella of transforming and improving the EV driving experience. Younger drivers in particular want investments that empower them with more data they can analyze to make smarter decisions for their lives. Revitalize offers flexibility to both homes and businesses like no competing option can, and it does so with a product that is uniquely future-proof in a world where dual-EV ownership will increasingly be the norm.

Morgan, a two-decade AT&T veteran, founded Revitalize Charging Solutions in late 2013. At that time, the future already looked inevitable: Electric vehicle sales (currently at 60% growth) were rising and average EV prices were declining, further spurring sales. Younger buyers were already demanding smarter EV solutions. In 2013, as in late 2017, no residential EV charging product existed to satisfy consumer’s future-facing needs. Morgan and Revitalize, leveraging a long-term execution map of Morgan’s careful design, are about to change that.

Reshaping Residential Charging

With 2018 looming, Edward Morgan and Revitalize Charging Solutions are launching the culmination of nearly two years’ work: America’s first residential EV dual home charger. Revitalize Charging Solutions home chargers tackle several current and emerging needs.

“If you have two cars with only one charger, who charges first?” asks Morgan. “Or who doesn’t get to charge at all? Besides that, why would you want only one charger when you can get two for almost the same price? And if anything happened to one of your charging adapters, wouldn’t you want a spare on hand?”

Revitalize’s REV+ Dual Home Charger is a 240V, 50 Amp charger, providing 12 kWh of power. The number of amps used directly relates to charging time. A typical 110V, 16A charger, such as what many dealerships provide, will take an EV from empty to full in 15 to 16 hours. A 32A charger performs the same charge in four to six hours.

“A customer can opt to perform some home rewiring and use all 50A for a super-fast charge,” says Morgan, “but we anticipate that most buyers will choose to keep their existing power wiring and instead share 32A or 40A across both charging lines.” The Rev+ Dual Home Charger serves equally well in both situations.

Morgan’s Prior Steps Toward a Revitalized Future

Revitalize’s REV+ Dual Home Charger didn’t appear out of nowhere. In early 2014, RCS debuted in the public eye when it launched its self-named mobile app for Android and iOS. Working with the phone’s native navigation software, Revitalize’s app finds nearby EV charging stations and helps route the user to the station of his or her choice. Results can be filtered by Charging Levels, Free, Paid, or Private criteria. Beyond providing a useful service to EV drivers, the app helped to promote Revitalize’s brand within the EV community and provide valuable experience to Morgan’s team in delivering and refining app-based services.

For Morgan, the essential middle step between the app and the REV+ Dual Home charger was a successful commercial charging model. With the app ramping up, Morgan turned his attention to commercial Level 2  chargers  planted outside of businesses. RCS spent a year designing its first model and then another six months running a prototype trial with the City of Fort Worth. The test went so well that the city signed an agreement for an extended trial with a second location added.

About Revitalize Charging Solutions, Inc./ REV+ Dual Home Charger

Revitalize Charging Solutions, Inc., is a green technology company specializing in the manufacturing and installation of innovative electric vehicle charging stations for residential and commercial use. The company aims to profoundly impact fuel savings for American drivers and reduce the nation’s carbon footprint. The company’s commercial charging client portfolio includes McDonald’s, local malls, banks, and various other groups.

The REV+ Dual Home Charger is the market’s first dual residential EV charger. This innovative solution combines Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Web Browser access, and the ability to schedule charging during off-peak hours, resulting in significant long-term cost savings.  RCS’s various features afford EV drivers the opportunity to control their charging experience. Its functionality helps owners save time and money. For more information, visit

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