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Hands On: Incipio Reprieve Sport Volt & Plex Shield Screen Protector



So, we recently had the Pixel 2 XL by Google in the office. As you may know I recently got one in Canada with Rogers. Well I don’t like to have my phone without some protection. Thankfully the great people at Incipio understand my issue and sent me over the Reprieve Sport and a Plex Shield screen protector. So today I will break down both for you.



I have used Incipio’s products before and have never been let down. This case is no difference. The Reprieve offers a clear back with black rubber bumper and reinforced corners on this one they came in lime green. Bonus to the clear back is if you get a skin for your phone you can show it off or just the back of the Pixel no one will blame you!

The case itself is very nice it doesn’t add much bulk to it so it can still fit in your pocket comfortably and most clamp style phone holders. This case does come in 4 color choices. So you have the Volt (green) (like I picked) or you can pick from: All black (with tinted back), Blue (which has blue tinted bumpers), or Coral (with coral tinted bumper).

This case paired with the Plex protector makes you feel bullet proof. The Plex goes on with ease with the included template. All you do is put the template on and make sure you phone is clean with the included cloth and drop on the Plex and you’re good to go. Now the edges of the Plex do get dirty sometimes due to the glue being on the edge.





As for feel, with the rubber bumper this case doesn’t feel like it’s going anywhere. That being said the back because it’s glossy sometimes feels greasy and slippery but I can’t get over the hold from the bumper. I’ve left the phone face down on my dashboard and gone for a drive and it hasn’t flown off my dash. Now I don’t recommend it because that’s unsafe but we are “professionalish”.

When this phone is in your hand with the reprieve its great the buttons are responsive and have great travel so you know you’re pushing them. No issues with various chargers in the port cut out. Then on the back they leave a big enough cut out for your fingerprint scanner and camera without any flash blowback.






I have used various Incipio cases over the years and this one has to be one of my favorites for protection. I did some drop tests and the reinforced corners are amazing. They definitely saved my phone from drops. The back is a polycarbonate shell with a scratch resistant coating; the bumpers are reinforced corners with military grade protection.

Now on top the Plex, well as a screen protector it does its job. Its cut proper so you can use any case and it does its job. But I’ve had a few issues, first the sides get dirty quick because the glue is on the edges. As for the main issue I have is the top proximity sensor, it has no glue on the top so dirt gets in there and it causes the screen to turn off randomly or not turn on when done a phone call. But as for protection it does it and does it well. I have had this in my pocket with keys and change and its perfect.



Incipio is under appreciated in the case game. This case is awesome and great for on the go, if they fix the screen protector issue when I would 110% recommend the Plex to people due to the install guide alone you can’t screw up alignment with it! The Reprieve Sport retails for $39.99 and the Plex is $49.99 USD for both. So check out Incipio and pick yourself up some stuff check out all their other collection too!


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