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New Bouncie Speed Bands Feature Helps Drivers Visualize the Various Speeds Driven During a Trip

DALLASJan. 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Bouncie, a provider of connected vehicle devices and applications that help consumers become smarter and safer drivers, announced the release of Speed Bands, custom color-coded indicators that display the full range of speeds a vehicle travels during a trip.

This revolutionary new way to visualize trips allows consumers to assign colors to customized speed ranges. The colors display on the Trip Map in the Bouncie app and show how fast a vehicle was traveling through a particular segment of a trip. For example, when a vehicle travels 30-40 MPH, that portion of the trip could highlight in blue while 40-50 MPH can display as red.

Speed Bands Show the Full Context Of Driving Alerts
Adding Speed Bands to trip maps can help make drivers smarter and safer by not only displaying vehicle speed but by providing the context behind driving events, such as hard braking or speed alerts. The additional context ensures families don’t assume bad driving behavior just because a driving alert was triggered.

Speed Bands Display Actual Speeds Traveled on Every Trip 
Speed Bands provide users the ability to view actual speeds on every trip for not only their trips but for those taken by every member of the family. For instance:

  • Speed Bands can show parents how fast teen drivers were traveling through specific areas or neighborhoods, making it easier to have a conversation about driving at appropriate speeds.
  • Adult children with senior parents who drive can see if their elderly drivers are traveling at appropriate speeds (i.e., not going fast enough on highways).

The most successful conversations about improving driving habits and behavior start with context and quality information. Speed Bands from Bouncie provide both.

About Bouncie
The Bouncie smart-device is compatible with nearly every vehicle manufactured during the past 20 years. The smartphone app is compatible with both iOS and Android and is available for download in the app marketplaces. Bouncie is a division of Tail Light LLC, a Dallas-based technology company that has delivered innovative products and applications for the automotive industry since 1998.

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