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UNIZ – 3D Printer Crowdfunding Campaign Reaches $220,000 and Announces New Stretch Goals

On January 8th, 2019 at CES 2019, UNIZ Technology unveiled the newest in the line of extremely fast, ultra high precision 3D printers—The Slash 2 and SLASH 2J. The California based company boasted a 192x120x200mm build size at a 49.5um resolution for SLASH 2, and 126x71x200mm at a 32.8um resolution for SLASH 2J. The new series garnered a large amount of attention from the trade show with its impressive display of quality and promise.


The Slash 2 is distinguished from other 3D printers of its type by its impressive specially designed 8.9” LCD screen. A larger, higher resolution screen opens up a large variety of new possibilities for SLA-LCD 3D printing, which was previously hindered by the physical limitations of lower resolution screens. The Slash 2’s build area is up to 3 times larger than that of other printers, which also allows the device to handle a wider variety of tasks and industry related purposes. Next in line is the Slash J2, which is the first desktop SLA printer ever equipped with a 32.8um ultrahigh resolution 5.7in diagonal LCD. This other new addition to the Slash series is tailored to satisfying the needs of fine jewelry industries that require the highest levels of precision and surface quality.


Sample models rendered by the Slash 2 series were displayed at CES 2019. They demonstrated its ability to produce many high resolution models simultaneously, while still maintaining stunning surface quality. The Slash 2 series is perfect for its applications in dentistry, jewelry and custom manufacturing. It’s advantages in print speed, build size, and precision enable more industries and businesses to apply cost effective 3D printing in order to solve advanced technical problems, reduce costs, and simplify workflows. The Slash 2 looks to spearhead the 3D printing industry by bringing in a new standard in 2019.


UNIZ Technology LLC is a leading global innovator of desktop and industrial SLA 3D printing technology. The company was established in San Diego, California in 2014 by founder and CEO Dr. Houmin Li. UNIZ is committed to producing bigger, better and faster 3D printers to the benefit of all peoples and businesses.

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