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5 Cars That Offer A Great Price To Performance Ratio

While movie stars and oil barons drive around in their hybrid hypercars, us mortal petrol heads can only watch in envy. Luckily, keeping up with billionaires has been made a lot easier these days. Well, at least on public roads.

Manufacturers who stay loyal to their customers have continued to use the latest innovations to produce some snappy rides that won’t completely empty your wallet. In this list, we’ll look at five sports cars that’ll go 0-60 faster than you can say “sold.”

Prices will be omitted for the sake of accuracy, but you can rest assured that each vehicle here won’t cost you a dollar above $45k. And while a lot of them won’t keep up with the Ferraris and Lamborghinis of the world straight out of the factory, a few mods with the help of Tuningguru.Com and you’ll blow past any million dollar supercar with ease.

Volvo V40 T4 Momentum

One thing Swedes have proven to do right time and time again is their cars. This unassuming five-door hatch features a tried and tested Scandinavian design and Volvo’s famous safety features. It’ll also reach 60 mph in less than 6.9 seconds, undercutting the vast majority of cars on the road today – especially ones you can transport the whole family in.

Renault Clio RS 220 Trophy

This quirky hatchback’s RS variant has come a long way since its chubby track runner of the noughties. The Clio now features a more grown-up, refined design that still stays true to its sporting heritage. 168 kW of power paired with 280 Nm of torque will see you reaching 60 mph in about 6.6 seconds. Although you won’t want to be zooming past crowds with this car’s styling. It’s simply too pretty for its price point.

Mini Cooper JCW Sports

No affordable sports car list would be complete without an entry from the iconic British car maker that continues to impress with each new model. Not only will it sprint to 60 mph in 6.1 seconds, but you’ll look great doing it, too. Encasing the nimble 2.0-litre turbo engine is an updated chassis adorned with one of many flashy paint jobs with accentuated racing stripes.

Ford Focus ST1

Every year, Ford manages to make their Focus ST look more and more like a fighter jet, and the latest iteration is no exception. With tons of extra options, an aggressive new body kit, a larger wing for increased downforce and a modern interior, the ST1 provides a lot of bang for the buck. Expect to fly past 60 mph in no less than 6.5 seconds.

Audi A1 1.8 TFSI Sport

It’s no S1, but it doesn’t cost more than your house, either. You still get the iconic Audi design and build quality, this time with an upgraded body kit and a fresh pair of alloys. 141 kW of power and 250 Nm of torque will ensure you reach 60 mph in about 6.8 seconds.


While you could opt for a used JDM tuner or some classic American muscle, the lack of safety, reliability, and service plans make these hot hatches the superior choice for the budget conscious consumer. Especially if you’re looking in the long term.

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