Just Seen: Deadpool 2 (Spoilers galore)




So, as the title states I just left seeing Deadpool 2. It did not disappoint. The development of some characters were rushed like the kid and the xforce. When it was all done though it was some great cinema. He doesn’t disappoint with the 4th wall breaking or the over the top himor. Also stay for the after credits. 

A few things I wish were better. First off a little more back story with cable would have been nice. Second needed way more Terry Crew!!!!!! Lastly, I would say I was not a fan of the actor as the kid. Just felt forced. 

The CGI in this was good not too much minus the Giants fighting. The writing was great and it had it’s dose of sadness a few times but always brought you back! 

But I feel I’m a fan boy cause Deadpool is life. But if it sucked I would tell you my faithful readers. This is the end of my rant go see the movie!

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