Hands On: Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum Mechanical Keyboard

So we had the Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum keyboard show up in the office. Might I say I am very pleased with this keyboard. Its a well designed RGB mechanical keyboard with the Romer-G switches. One of the things Logitech has been great with is the support of this keyboard always up to date. Below we will cover some other aspects like design, features, software, and conclusion.

Design and Features:

One of the huge things that I love about the G910 is that the RGB 16.8 million colours are contained under the key caps instead of the base as well like a vast majority of RGB keyboards do. The reason why this is a big deal is I always hated the light bleed I want the RGB to be contained and its more immersive when you play a game like The Division which will light up the keys you need for the game.

As for other design features the G910 is made entirely of plastic which for a mechanical keyboard some people frown upon or think its “cheap” but this keyboard is very sturdy and is definitely not lite. On the G910 they also have your media buttons and volume roller in the top right, then on the left side you have up to 3 macro sets of 9 programmable keys.

The G910 also has the ARX Dock for your phone if you are running the ARX app which will give you live stats of your CPU,GPU, and ram. Also you have media controls, G-key layouts so you can see what you have programmed, and lastly you have you games. If your game is supported by the keyboard it will have the G key logo in the corner like the Division. I don’t personally use ARX as much as I should but it is a sweet feature to have.


Now here is the design and features that I don’t like or wish it had, first one thing I cannot understand is why this keyboard doesn’t have a USB pass through! So many people use them/want them and it just doesn’t exist on the G910. That aside I’d say the keyboard also needs a removable wrist rest. Now this one isn’t huge and you get used to it or can take the cover off if wanted. But it’s not fully removable. But when it comes to things I dislike or feel its missing it only comes to really two things.


The Logitech software that comes with this keyboard is great, its super easy to use and it doesn’t throw updates in your face everyday or multiple times a day I’m looking at you Roccat! The RGB setup tools are easy to use, now they can get frustrating when you are trying to create something elaborate but thankfully websites are out where people put the time and anger into making custom RGB layouts to download and load on your own keyboard.

The programming of the G keys is easy as well because they have a profiler program inside the software that scans your games and shows you pre-made layouts. Still one of my favourite features is when I boot up The Division and it loads up just lighting up the keys I need. Its a great advantage for gamers.


The Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum keyboard is one of the best mechanical keyboards I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. I can game for hours comfortably when I am supposed to be working. Also its not going to break the bank. Hopefully the next version comes with a USB pass through but hey nothings perfect but this is close! Check them out here at Logitech and get your own!


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