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Review: Bose QuietComfort 35 II

Why Bose is a Boss of Noise-Cancelling Wireless Headphones?



Sometimes you just want to escape reality. It’s okay, we all do. Problems start when there is no way to do that – like when there are no good headphones around. Actually, it’s not that much of a problem because there are dozens of good manufacturers. Like Bose, the company that produces great headphones for reality escapers and music lovers.


You’ll love what you hear. And what you don’t – that’s Bose’s motto. Bose headphones have the power to bring reality to music – or music to reality, whatever. The situation got even better when they made it wireless. In this post, we’ll review Bose QuietComfort 35 II, a wireless hit model which is one of the biggest company achievements. We’ll take a look at its advantages, disadvantages, and most importantly, review technical characteristics.


Bose headphones advantages

As we said, the company’s mission is to replace reality with music. No wonder, they did everything possible to do it great. But it’s not just about music.


Bose produces conversation-enhancing earphones

When you talk on the phone, you want to hear the one and only thing in your headphones – and that is the voice of the person you are talking too. Bose is focused on making its headphones more sensitive to a conversation and less responsive to extra noises.


Works for people who:

  • Do customer support, work in sales – or other professional fields that require making many calls;
  • Make lots of calls every day;
  • Work in a noisy environment and therefore, struggle to talk on the phone;
  • Spend a lot of hours in traffic.


Known to be one of the best (if not the best) noise-canceling headphones

As a person who tried a lot of wireless noise-canceling headphones, I agree: they are awesome. Sometimes they are even too noise-canceling because I couldn’t literally hear anything. So, wearing on the street is a no go, you can put yourself in a quite dangerous situation.


Great for sports

Bose headphones have a very comfortable wireless technology. You can connect them to the device in an instant, not looking into settings and waiting for endless requests to be sent. However, keep in mind the noise-canceling ability in case you do sports outdoors. When you run on the street, hearing cars and bikes is crucial. I wouldn’t risk using them for outdoors, but it’s perfect for gym and home exercising.


Light materials

Here we come to an important point – headphone materials. Bose headphones are made of plastic which is both an advantage and a disadvantage. On the one hand, plastic materials are not the most practical ones. I had a lot of plastic wireless headphones, and most of them worked just fine, but some really got badly broken.

After a couple of such unpleasant experiences, I was not sure about taking Bose QuietComfort 35 II – specifically because of its materials. And boy, was I wrong! The plastic is light and compact which made it easier for me to transport the headphones, and this model has proven itself tough on many occasions. However, if you had the headphone-breaking experience before, I suggest going for cheaper Bose model for test-drive. Just see how it goes, don’t trust merely headphones reviews.


Google Assistant – as an additional feature

Oh, tech-savvy! Google Assistant is basically a small button on the left ear cup. That’s a compact personal manager. When you tap the button, you receive messages (the service will play it to you), record your replies. Also, it is a great way to speak to your Google Home Assistant. You can be miles away from your home, but the assistant will transmit your commands. Of course, playing music on Spotify account or turning GPS navigation are just a few of many cool bonuses available with the assistance.


I loved it from the first day I used it, and I love it now even more. In a few weeks, I got used to the assistant so much that when I tried my old headphones on, I was instinctively looking for that button. So yeah, there is also a disadvantage: you will get used to tech-savvy comfort.



Shortly speaking, Bose sound is good. Not great, not bad – just good. As a person who tried many headphones, I can surely say that there are way more fun options. Probably, manufacturers invested so much in a noise-canceling feature (that one is really awesome), that they didn’t have much left for music fun. However, the fact that it’s not as bright and angle as in some Sony models doesn’t mean that it’s not good. If you didn’t have professional wireless headphones before, you’d enjoy this one a lot. I guess I am just spoiled with good headphones.


And that’s a wrap

We all need some time to escape reality to stay focused – whether we work, write a quality custom essay or drive home. Bose QuietComfort does a great job at it. Sure, it has some faults, but generally, it’s a yes. The main advantage is that compared to most professional wireless models, Bose has a great price. Although if you’d like to buy Bose qc25, make sure you read customer reviews to avoid fakes and defects.


This post was written by a guest author and posted with permissions from the author, Sandra Larson.

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