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Best 5 Video Games Of 2018 To Play On Your Study Break


Gamers always look forward to something new and this year, many releases have already taken place on different platforms. However, the question many have been asking with every passing month this year is about the differences new 2018 games will bring to the table. Should we expect cutting-edge stuff or an upgrade of existing ones on PlayStation? Well, this post will sample the best five video games for study breaks to help every student out there make the right pick, but before further ado;

What can we expect this year?

The year 2018 is fast approaching homestretch, and if there is anything most people will be looking back on, it is a plenty of releases that have made it to App stores and PlayStation. From individual developer packages to company flagships, players have never had so much appetite for mobile, Internet-based and computer new stuff than now. However, that is only a tip of the iceberg, and it is because there is more on the horizon, including games for students.

Therefore, even as we wait on nerve-wrecking EA racing, upgrades on FIFA2018 for the new soccer league season across Europe roping in transfers, upcoming brand new games like Red Dead Redemption 2, Super Smash Bros and among others, requesting a top custom dissertation writing service from experts to craft an essay on these highly anticipated releases wouldn’t be a bad idea after all.

Game recommendations during the holidays

The truth is, while some students will already have their summer breaks planned out months before, sometimes finding what to do in study breaks can seem so near, yet so far. But, come to think about it. Isn’t logging into PlayStation going to be a perfect idea?

Good games that students can play during school breaks should not only be entertaining but also educated in some way. If you are hooked to FIFA, EA Sports UFC, Forged Battalion Street Fighter or Monster Hunter World, maybe it is time you played something different this summer. Take a look at the following top five game recommendations that will not only spice up your holiday but also education-worthy:

  • Celeste



Nothing beats something that presents players with numerous challenges such as jumping over monsters, fighting villains and living in harsh environments. And while there have been releases that reek of such circumstances, Celeste is worth the attention of a college student looking for something to do during the holidays. Celeste features a girl-character; Madeline whose mountaineering journey of Mt. Titular is a tough ordeal. She has to content with self-doubt due to an assortment of spooky creatures that threaten a successful climb.

The good thing about this game is that players can adjust to different modes based on style, challenges, and consequences. The storyline is one that will help every player unleash their creative muse.

  • Monster Hunter



Classic movie series is finally making a breakthrough into the gamers’ world. After Yakuza took gaming maniacs by storm for the better part of last year, Monster Hunter now hits them even harder with an epic story. It is immersive and intuitive, and for a student on a study break, hunting down monstrous creatures like dinosaurs is going to acclimatize your imagination.

  • Little Alchemy

An online gaming experience shouldn’t just be fun, but also present an equally fair share of challenges. Little Alchemy fits the bill in that regard. It is still as hot as it was on the first day of release. Starting simple, the game progresses into complexity. The ensuing tasks are worth the challenge for a student seeking deep imagination and creativity.

Players progress from handling basic elements such as water, air, wind and earth to searching and creating new combinations numbering up to 560 as you advance in the game.

  • Duet

Amazing gaming releases are sometimes hard to come by, and it is why Duet makes it to this list. So, what do you get to do once you are ready to play? Well, From Amazing graphics, soothing Trance–Y soundtracks, appealing colors to thousands of gaming levels, what more can a student ask for during a study break if not Duet? It presents players with multiple obstacles at every level which they must overcome to progress in life.

  • Escape the Room

If you easily get scared by hearsay, then Escape the Room may very give you Goosebumps, but not until when you start playing it. After spending months in college, it is always time to relax, and without plans for a summer getaway, Escape the Room will help you relieve stress without having to leave the house. Finding the hidden key will not only make you feel relieved but also like a 2018 genius.

In conclusion, study breaks shouldn’t be boring. There are all sorts of things to do. And, with online games that present real-life challenges, feeling smarter when school reopens is only a download away.




Guest post written by author Alyssa Johnson.

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