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5 Ways That Technology Supports Education

The field of education is one area that has greatly benefited from technology. Gone are the
days when it was a must for one to walk into a classroom in order to learn. With online
educational platforms, learning has taken another dimension in the modern world. See how
technology supports education.

Availability of online resources

Learning resources form the most important tools in education. Online learning resources have
simplified learning than ever. All your learning needs are fully catered for, thanks to the pool of
e-books, journals and magazines available for you to choose from. A simple search will avail the
relevant resources that one needs. Online libraries have made learning convenient as learners
no longer have to walk to physical libraries to meet their learning needs. A smartphone, tablet,
laptop and internet connectivity are enough tools to give one room to go through the millions
of online resources to make learning successful.

Encourages variety of learning styles

One of the biggest shortcomings of traditional classroom teaching was that it assumed all
learners were the same. The truth of the matter is that whereas some learners are learning
better visually, others are better auditory learners. Technology has given room to multimedia
learning in education. Tutors are no longer relying on strict lectures and staging notes on
projectors. They have instead adopted multimedia learning techniques that incorporate visual,
kinaesthetic and auditory learning to cater for diverse learner needs. All learners are benefiting
from multimedia learning.

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Convenience in learning

The fast moving global economies commit people to work to odd hours and even weekends
when they are meant to rest. This has made it tough to enroll for evening and weekend classes.
Technology is solving the problem through the introduction of distance learning programs. It is
now possible for individuals to enroll for various programs and access learning content such as
lecture notes using their phones, tablets and personal computers. They can easily squeeze time
to study in their tight schedules.

Online study groups

Few people make it by studying on their own. Researches indicate that group studies increase
the chance of understanding the content being learnt. It is difficult to meet a large number of
people to hold group discussions. Technology has made it easier to create online group
platforms where members can discuss and share content at their own convenience. Learners
exchange study ideas and learning materials without the necessity of a physical meeting.

Slashing the cost of education

Initially, printing of learning material proved too costly for both students and tutors. Students
had to incur heavy costs especially when preparing for exams. This limited learning
opportunities especially to learners who could not afford the printing costs. Technology has far
solved this problem through the online libraries. Students have enough resources to prepare
for their examinations and advance learning desires.

Technology has brought more changes in learning. It has created limitless learning
opportunities for those who want to learn. Distance is no longer a barrier to pursuing a course
that one has interest in.

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