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8 Long-Haul Tech Products and Services to Make Trucking a Smooth Ride

Our economy relies on the trucking industry, commerce comes to a standstill without it. Despite automation and AI-assisted driving, the industry has a strong, foreseeable future as logistics demand increases. Behind the wheel are champions of the road pulling long hours, but they’re not machines.

Let’s look at a combination of helpful business-level trucking services. And, products truckers may use to make their long-hauls a tad-bit comfier and enjoyable so we, consumers, can enjoy stocked shelves.

Shifting Gears with a Trucking Business: 4 Great Tech Services

Surprisingly, there’s a lot of tech inside the cab of an 18-wheeler. Many see truckers as the classic, rip/roaring, blasting horn, CB radio chatter type. But, modern trucks have cabs akin to a battle station complete with logistics monitoring, entertainment, and creature comforts.

The industry has dozens of great third-parties supporting its efficiency and fulfillment — this includes:

  • Factoring. TBS Factoring handles the bookkeeping end of the trucking business. This service provides truckers an easy way to secure capital between hauls and invoice payouts. Or, cover expenses if clients are fussy about paying on-time. The factoring also includes fuel advances to minimize downtime.
  • 3PL. Third-party logistics are integral for supply chain management. Many truckers integrate their routes with 3PL services, optimizing load/unloading and hauls. These services streamline fulfillment at the inventory level reducing costly mistakes often handed off onto truckers.
  • Load Boards. These are the dispatch software & business sites where truckers find and propose truckloads. Think of them as marketplaces for truckers. Users find jobs, connect with shippers & brokers, and mingle with fellow professionals.
  • Trucking Apps. Some free and paid, these apps record service logs, activity, speed, security, and other factors businesses look for when hiring and managing fleets. uShip and BigRoad are two popular choices easing the paperwork so truckers can focus on their load. 

Smooth Riding: 4 Tech Products for the Long-Haul

It takes a special kind of person to sit behind the wheel for long days on the open road. They may seem like robots at times, getting from point A to B, from their meticulous work ethic. But, they’re human and they need creature comforts to make the long-haul manageable.

Here are a few tech items truckers find helpful:

  • Sound Therapy Systems. Many truckers convert cabs into living quarters. But, even the best soundproofing doesn’t help the bustling sounds of a pit stop. Sound therapy systems help truckers slip into sleep and then wake feeling refreshed — an all-important quality of a successful long-haul.
  • WiFi Hotspots. WiFi and 4G routers have become quite good and reliable even in the long stretches out in the Midwest. Tucked into the cabs are laptops, gaming consoles, streaming devices, and more. 4G hotspots are the best investment for communication and handling business.
  • Remote Diagnostics. Truckers aren’t stranded on the side of the road, broke down, anymore. Today, onboard tech reports engine and component diagnostics to home base. This helps truckers quickly identify and get help minimizing downtime and ultimately saving money.
  • Route Optimizer. Imagine a GPS system, a bit like Waze, on steroids. These route optimizers save time and money through real-time route changes and suggestions. They’re streamlined for truckers, helping them cut travel time, avoid unnecessary tolls, and even plan drops to get in/out without hassles.

The Country Runs on 18-Wheelers

The trucking industry has come a long way since its humble beginnings. The industry is the backbone of the U.S. not only for its contributions to logistics but also its job/career opportunity. It takes a special breed of American to cruise the open roads. Whatever helps them do it easier is positive for every party.

Truckers have an incredible selection of helpful tech services and products making their hauls a little less drab and hectic. No doubt, we’ll continue seeing a tech revolution for this industry. 

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