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After a Successful Launch on Kickstarter, the InstaDreamer Lucid Dreaming Device Moves to Indiegogo’s InDemand

Utilizing VibraSmart™ technology, the InstaDreamer is a comfortable wristband that sends gentle vibrations to the wearer’s wrist so they are reminded to check whether or not they’re dreaming throughout the day and night, creating strong Pavlovian Conditioning, which can also be triggered while dreaming. After a highly successful 35-day campaign, and over 500 backers, InstaDreamer can now effectively begin its production process while continuing to accept orders on Indiegogo’s InDemand.

“The InstaDreamer wristband relies on a programmable vibration,” explained Journalist Drew Prindle of Digital Trends. “The device will vibrate at random times throughout the day, prompting [the user] to check if they are truly awake. At night, the device will vibrate when the user is in their deepest sleep cycle and they’ll feel the vibration in a dream, realize they’re dreaming, and go lucid. Pretty nifty, no?”

Made out of medical grade silicon and weighing just .74 oz., InstaDreamer’s band is fully adjustable and doubles as a health and sleep tracker that measures a user’s pulse, body temperature and body movements throughout the night. Because the bracelet analyzes sleep cycles accordingly, InstaDreamer wearers are able to wake up fully refreshed as the device’s alarm feature is designed to vibrate during the lightest sleep of one’s desired wake-up period. The silent alarm also allows users to wake up without disturbing their partner.

With an estimated ship date of February 2019, InstaDreamer will soon have consumers experiencing lucid dreaming like never before. InstaDreamer has officially moved over to InDemand after its successful Kickstarter campaign. The creator is offering the device at a continued discounted rate of $199. For more information, visit

About InstaDreamer

InstaDreamer is the first on the market to use Pavlovian conditioning to help consumers take achieve vivid, lucid dreams and take control of their sleep patterns. To learn more, visit

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